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What Does My Smarter Commerce Mean To Me?

my smarter commerce

Since I am one of the bloggers a part of IBM’s My Smarter Commerce campaign, I decided to share a video to tell you a little bit about what #mysmartcommerce means to me. If you see the hashtag #mysmartercommerce roaming around the internets on social media and the like, join the conversation!

Song used under the creative commons license:
Peeks by Everlone

FCC: I am not getting paid for this video.

I Will Be a Part of the IBM #MySmarterCommerce Campaign



I am so excited to give you this news. I wanted to tell you all about this earlier, but we had to wait for the ok to go! I, along with other bloggers, have been selected to know that IBM has invited me to partner with them on their #MySmarterCommerce campaign. Over the next 30 days I will share through my blog, Twitter, Youtube, and every other social media platform I have  what Smarter Commerce means to me. Feel free to interact with me on social media  and share your conversations. Please note that IBM will be monitoring all conversations, so try and keep it PG guys!  I hope you guys are ready for the #MySmarterCommerce movement because I am really excited! We haven’t received any compensation for this campaign, but as always, if things change I will let you know.