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Living Large- Cool Clothing Storage

clothing storage

clothing storage
I was looking on Pinterest for clothing storage ideas, and just some cool storage ideas in general. I also spent the day at Ikea and The Container Store yesterday agonizing over what to pick for storage in my bathroom. This picture from Pinterest almost looks like something I was going to choose for my bathroom storage. A lot of people think you can’t have stylish looking clothing storage in your home. Thanks to the powers of the internet, you can find clothing storage that doesn’t look like it came from a big box store, unless you are looking for something like that. I love the minimalistic look of the whole piece. It looks sparse, but intricate at the same time. This is something I could get into. Picture from here. Check below to figure out how to keep up with the blog after Google Reader ends.

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Living Large- Lillesand Wrought Iron Bed From Ikea

Ikea Lillesand Bed

I have been obsessed with the Lillesand wrought iron bed from Ikea ever since I visited the store last week. Okay so this bed isn’t actually a wrought iron bed, but it has that vintage look. The white bed that I saw in the store was so fresh, light, and airy looking. I can imagine it in a country home with some fresh sheets and some linen fresh scented candles burning. Maybe the window is open, and the smell of freshly cut grass is coming through the window with the breeze. Okay…okay. I am totally daydreaming right now, but you get my drift. The Lillesand bed looks amazing and totally provokes the idea of easy country living. This bed costs $199.99 at Ikea. Photo from 79 Ideas.