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I’m An Introvert Dammit!



I always say I’m going to write more personal blog posts, but I never do. Well today is the day. I’m an introvert dammit and I feel like I have some things to I need to say, which is weird considering the fact that I am a bonified introvert! It is so annoying being an introvert. It truly is because introverts are some of the most misunderstood people on the face of the Earth. I love myself. I love being me, which means I love my introverted self. The problem is that I live in an extroverted world and living in an extroverted world is hard on the introverted soul.

You see I am constantly having to defend who I am as a person. I am constantly having to tell people what I am about in life because people are convinced that the extroverted way of life is the only way to live. It gets so tired having to defend myself all the time. All I ever hear is Jai you are “too quiet”, “not smiley enough”, “too shy”, ” so sad acting” and “so negative”. Then people are constantly telling me to “be more confident” and to “get out of my shell”. I already have plenty confidence and am already out of my shell. I don’t know how much more confident or out of my shell I could possibly ever be!

And why are people always telling me to be myself and know myself, when I already am myself and I already know myself? Since when did being an introvert or inward with ones self mean that you don’t know who you are are or are true to yourself? And why is it that when I do act like myself, it is a problem? Who came up with these rules for life?

Yet my inward ways and bookish, intellectual nature confuses the hell of of people. They are constantly telling me how I should be. I really wish people would mind their business and stop telling me how to act and live my life. I am not really sure why my behavior is so important to other people.

Apparently my introversion is also the reason why I can’t find a man. I would love to be the bubbly, smiley, over the top girl…but that isn’t me. I can only be myself. Clearly if this is how I have been all of my life, then this is the way God made me. I’m cool with being introverted and socially awkward. Maybe the man who wants the smiley girl won’t look at me? Maybe I don’t actually want to be with the man who wants the smiley girl? Maybe I should just focus on trying to find men who actually like the type of woman I am? I can’t be someone I’m not, and honestly I am so sick and tired of being told that my personality isn’t good enough to be “human” or isn’t the way a “human” should be.

Being an introvert is hard, but I really wouldn’t live my life any other way because this is the only way for me to be. I just wish that society was a little more accepting of us. What are your thoughts on introverts? How are you living life as an introvert, or what is your life like living with an introvert? Photo from Psychology Today.

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