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Of Note…Michelle Lee

This week’s Of Note post on KCD casting director Michelle Lee is the second post in the new series. The first post was of make-up maven Pat McGrath. I hope you are enjoying this new series. If you have suggestions/feedback, let me know in the comments section or email me.

Casting director Michelle Lee was born in New Jersey and thought that one day she would become a lawyer, but fate had other plans.  She moved to New York City and became a fashion show producer with top fashion firm KCD. Through producing fashion shows and a brief stint with renowned casting director Jennifer Venditti, Lee found that she could make a living finding models for editorials, ads, and fashion shows. She never knew that the role of casting director even existed before that time.

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Tibi and Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011 Show Review

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Tibi show (thanks to a friend) and the Isaac Mizrahi show (which I’ve wanted to attend since seeing Unzipped as a little girl). Both shows were amazing, and I am not just saying that because I was there. I really mean it. The clothes were beautiful and very spring like, and you guys know how I feel about collections being presented for the season that they are in. I was going to put up my finale runway videos, but my flip messed up the lighting. Photos from Style.com.
Tibi Spring 2011
First up is Tibi. Amy Smilovic really knows what women that want to look nice, but not too fussy want to wear. The colors were black, khaki, tangerine, white, gold, mustard, and one purple piece that really fit in in the middle of the collection. Cute sundresses, cropped pants, and flowy dresses made me long for spring even though summer was ending. Everything about this collection, and the Isaac Mizrahi collection, just screamed femininity.  The little spring coats were cute too. Perfect for spring!
Isaac Mizrahi Spring 2011
Isaac Mizrahi was gorgeous of course. He always knows how to dress a woman in clothes that make statements, clothes that don’t overpower the wearer. You would have to be very gutsy to wear these prints, but with the way they are designed, you wouldn’t be competing with the dress for attention. The last floral printed dress look left me gasping. Two of the young ladies sitting next to me kept commenting on how great everything looked. It was just too spectacular for words.

Jai Reporting Live From New York Fashion Week

I have some great posts for you that probably won’t be made until Friday, unless I have some time tonight, because I will be driving back to Columbia after the Isaac Mizrahi show, instead of flying back to help my aunt out with her move. I went to some great showrooms while I was here. I can’t wait to show you some of the jewelry from Atelier Minyon.

I met some designers from my school. Hopefully they will send me some of their information, so I can show you their work. I also got some pictures from new designer Washington Roberts and some video from the Tibi show, although that video might be a little bright.

Also can we talk about how I saw Kanye West, Jason Sudeikis, and Cynthia Rowley walking around NYC the other day. I even nodded and Kanye and he actually said “What’s Up!” Can you talk about starstruck. I have also seen Robbie Meyers from Elle, Nina Garcia-who makes a pretty pregnant women, the blogger from WhereDidYouGetThat, and I also saw this famous fashion journalist whose name escapes me:( .

Photo taken with my camera phone.