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Fashions Night Out Was Bananas

Yesterday was crazy. I went to my school’s graduate fashion show, which was the best one yet.  I got to see some guy from Project Runway, whose name I can’t remember, and Miss J from ANTM. I will do a separate post for that show, so I can actually review each graduate designer. This was the first time that I actually liked each collection.

The best part was doing Fashions Night Out. After leaving Lincoln Center, I took two trains to the famous 5th Avenue and took pictures of all the live models and craziness happening in the store windows. Gant and Louis Vuitton were my favs because Gant had naked lacrosse players posing and taking showers in the windows 🙂 and Louis Vuitton had people in brown LV aprons doing synchronized dancing down the steps and dancing in the store windows.  One of the dancers in the window even licked a Speedy bag. ??!?!?!?

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OMG! Part Deux…

I love June Ambrose. I follow her on twitter everyday like a crazed stalker because she is so chic, stylish, smart, and funny. She is a celebrity stylist who writes books and styles for magazines and television. She is best known as the women who made hip hop stylish in the late 90s by working with Mary J. Blige and P. Diddy. She was the one who came up with the shiny suit in that Diddy/Mase video. Minor lapse in judgment, but we forgive her. Who doesn’t have a minor lapse in judgment from time to time?

On twitter, she is always talking about her interns, her day, or she is showing you twitpics of clothes, street fashion, events, shoes, and accessories. Now every Friday she does what she calls Twittfit. Her new Stilleto Workout video series is bound to be fun. I just watched the first video, and I am so going to do the workout when I have the time. I need to get tight and right for the summer. Follow her on twitter here.

Here is the first Stiletto Workout with June Ambrose: