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Paris Couture F/W 12 Was Beautiful As Usual

Paris Couture F/W 12


Paris Couture Week F/w 12 has basically ended and it was as beautiful as ever! I really enjoyed most of the collections this season! This couture season was very exciting for several reasons. First off Kimye or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed up and showed out by causing mass hysteria and mini pandemonium during the three or four days they were in Paris. Apparently even a child got pushed around in the mayhem. They even pissed off some editors and the like for showing up to the Stephane Rolland show one hour late. They were so late that they barely made it to the finale. SMH! Then we saw an overabundance of V-necks and cape dresses on the runway. I think those are two trends I can live with.

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Reality Star Round-up: Whitney Port To Show At NYFW And Kim Kardashian Runs The Eff Out

whitney eve spring 2011

The Hills and The City alum Whitney Port will show at New York Fashion Week again this February. The line, Whitney Eve, which started in 2008 has always either bored the critics, or wowed them for looking like something Whitney Port would wear herself. “My collection has grown so much over the past few years, and the next step for me as a designer was to put on my own runway show,” Port said. I wonder if she will wow or bore the critics this time too. The show will be produced by Port’s old company People’s Revolution. Photo from here.
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Why Do Pretty Girls Over Do It With Plastic Surgery?

Now before I get started, this isn’t a post against plastic surgery. I have no problems with plastic surgery, what I do have a problem with is women changing their faces and bodies so much that they become totally different people. People have the right to do whatever they want to their bodies, but when is too much…too much?

We see it all the time with celebrities. They are already beautiful, yet they feel the need to change their skin color, facial structure, and morph their body parts into something that is bigger, but not necessarily better. If we look at Lil Kim, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Heidi Montag, we can see that something much bigger and dangerous is going on here.

What I think we need to do is look at the reason people and celebrities decide to do this to themselves. Is it all worth it? Apparently not. When a fan told Kim Kardashian earlier this year that she was getting plastic surgery to look like her and please her man, Kim told her and her other fans not to do so, yet we can track her plastic surgery through the many pics of her on the web. It seems as though she regrets her surgeries, yet she continues to have them.

Poor Heidi Montag. We have seen her go from enthusiastic before surgery to remorseful and ashamed post-op. But has she really changed? She used her new body and surgery to make money in the press, and now she is using the same things to make more money. She says she feels bad about her surgeries and wants to warn women on the dangers of plastic surgery, but every picture and interview she does on the subject, she gets paid for.

We don’t know their back stories, but we can assume, something I hate to do but have to for the sake of this post, that they morphed their bodies to outrageous proportions for men, fame, fortune, and some strange psychological reasons. I am not a mental health professional, so please bear with me for the sake of this post.

I just feel like we need to examine our society and the world we live in to figure out why we allow this and why this is OK in the first place. We need to figure out how we can raise young girls to see their bodies in a new light where they are happy with themselves. We also need to figure out how we can stop plastic surgeons from taking advantage of women and teach them how to treat body dysmorphic disorder.

What do you think?

Photos from here, here, here, and here.

Out with the New, In with the Old

Living in New York City you have to a have an appreciation for vintage. Although I’m a trendy shopper every now and then I enjoy frequent trips with my girlfriends to consignment shops all around the city. Recently, I caught this really cute vintage 1982 Christian Dior cropped checked blazer on one of my vintage hunts and believe it or not the label wasn’t what caught my attention about the jacket. It was the enormous and extra sleek shoulder pads that caught my eye.


I’ve been eyeing a blazer with shoulder pads for a minute now, and since the Balmain military style jackets worn my Beyonce and the legendary/greatly missed Michael Jackson are beyond my budget. I searched all around for a cute and reasonably priced one of a kind blazer.


What I really love about the shoulder padded look is the effect it does to the most simplest outfits. An ordinary outfit such as a v-neck and jeans could become a sleek and stylish ensemble when paired with the right accessory; and the super 1980s shoulder pads is that accessory. Don’t agree with me take a look at Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé and you’ll change your mind. Photos from People Style Watch and Karmaloop.

What Were U Thinking?

Give a girl a Chanel dress and some YSL heels and watch her transform into a fashionista. Disney’s pop princess Adrienne Bailon has grown up and found a style all her own. The former Cheetah Girl is featured in the second episode of the new fashion web series”What Were U Thinking? ” MTV and Cotton have partnered to create an autobiographical look into celeb’s personal style. In today’s episode, Adrienne opens up about her past and present fashion choices. Watch as the MTV Sunblock host discusses her favorite Louboutin shoes, her love for Dolce & Gabbana and why it’s ok not to match. To watch this episode and learn more about celeb fashion, visit the “What Were U Thinking ?” site here.

MTV Shows

Stay tuned for upcoming webisodes when stars like Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari drop by to share the inside scoop on their fashion decisions and tell us what clothes they just can’t live without. New “What Were U Thinking” webisodes will launch every few weeks and I’ll be in touch as they launch!

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