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The Fall Calvin Klein Ads Have Leaked!

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The Calvin Klein ads have leaked and they are steamy, hot, sexy, and oh so cool. I love them.  The models are very striking and dramatic.  Even thought they are shot by different photographers, I still think they go well together.
From Bohemea
Lara Stone – Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2010 by Mert & Marcus
From The Fashion Bomb


David Agbodji by Steven Klein for Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2010


She’s Going Places

Like most models, you start working for a few years, and then maybe, just maybe you get your big break. Lara Stone is one of those models. After being in the business for a few years, she is finally getting her big break. I have to say that 2009 really was her year. Some say it is her “curves”, others say it is gap-toothed smile, and many are just plain fixated with her breasts. Either way, she has something that made Vogue Paris dedicate a whole issue to her.

Now Lara is the cover model for Love Magazine, and guess what?!?!? She’s naked on the cover. Surprise, surprise. She is also the new face of Louis Vuitton ,replacing Madonna who modeled in the LV ads for two seasons. Photos from The Cut. Oh and sorry for the nudity if you are at work.