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Trend Report: Leopard Print


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I will confess: I have a serious soft spot for leopard print. While my own wardrobe consists mainly of neutrals and a few pops of color (french navy and blush pink is a color right?) I always punctuate an outfit with a little bit of Roberto Cavalli’s signature print.

Loved by rebel rockers, classy dames, and sultry sirens alike, the print is sassy, fierce and oh so versatile. While it is definitely the “it” pattern of the season, don’t be afraid to invest in a little leopard (or tiger, or zebra…) as it is also a classic print that will make you purr with delight for years to come.

The great part about this trend is that there is really no way to wear it wrong. Whether you want to stay subtle with a belt or ballet flats or go all out with a plush fur coat, there are really only two suggested guidelines.

Keep it Simple

Leopard print is a strong print. Keep your outfit simple.

And please, for the love of fashion, do not wear leopard print head to toe. Pick one or two pieces and stick with it.

Keep it Natural

This is just a personal suggestion. I have yet to see someone in neon green leopard print and look good.

Keep it natural, and if you are buying leopard fur check out my guide for buying faux fur.

A Little

A Little More

A Lot

a lot

a lot by erind90 featuring metal jewelry

Erin at Pixel Perfect

Where The Wild Things Are

I have always loved leopard print. I think it is so pretty and makes any outfit pop. I have been looking for a leopard print coat and leopard print heels for the longest time. To fill that void, I have been styling clothes on Looklet that feature the use of leopard print.

Also Today is World AIDS Day! Whether you are gay,straight,black,white, or in a relationship, AIDS does not discriminate. What are YOUR excuses for not using a condom? Think about it…

Rupert Sanderson’s PR Is On Point!

I mean they really are on point. Usually you see a celebrity in some kind of apparel or accessory and you have to try and figure out who or what they are wearing. Well… today I got an email from Rupert Sanderson’s pr team telling me that Cheryl Cole, who is famous in the UK, was wearing their shoes. It think they must have been reading my blog, or someone told them about my shoe obsession. Either way I have been wasting my morning perusing their website. Thanks.

I actually had no idea who Rupert Sanderson was, and what he was selling. I thought it was a spam email at first, but I like learning about different brands so I looked at the email and went on the website. I really like the shoes. They are so amazing. They are a little too expensive for my recessionista taste, but they are gorg. They also had some cute saddle oxfords too. My friends laugh at my saddle oxfords, but I have been wearing saddle oxfords since the 2nd grade. I don’t know why I can’t part with them. LOL! Photos from the Rupert Sanderson website.

So note to all PR teams that read my blog, send me more emails. I love learning about new and old brands that I may be unfamiliar with, and I might just rant or rave about them. Please remember that I like to keep it really real. I will talk about your product on my own. Don’t beg me to write a review, and DO NOT think that sending me an email requires me to talk about you. It doesn’t. Have a nice day!