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Burberry Has the Hottest Fashion in London, Hands Down

Burberry Spring 2011

image via NYmag.com

I love Burberry. Always had a knack for it although its style was a bit too mature for my taste. The plaid cashmere scarves and khaki trenches have always been super cute to me but always a bit too grown for my age. However, things are certainly different as Burberry has made a MAJOR come up for their spring 2011 collection. Although the show wasn’t a favorite amongst critics, just about everyone important in the London fashion scene was in attendance. The trenches next season are fabulous.. Seriously, you’ll be a rock star with these studded and metallic jackets. There a little bit of that Burberry sophistication with an underground London edge to it and it’s definitely the hottest thing on the runway for fashion week so far.

-Ariel Twenty Two Couture

I Was Quite Surprised By This Fashion Show

I had heard such rave reviews by the Twenty8Twelve show that I knew I was bound to love it or at least like it, but I was wrong. The denim pieces didn’t thrill me and some of the other dresses left me with a blah feeling. I usually like a lot of the pieces designed by Sienna Miller and her sister, but I just couldn’t get into it. I think that if they were to stick with one cohesive idea, things would have been better. There was fringe,suede, leopard print, denim, colorful prints, stripes, and a few Chloesque pieces thrown in the mix. Too much was going on. Photos by Style.com
Twelve8Twelve Spring 2011

London Fashion Week Spring 2011

I love London Fashion Week because it is so very different from the other fashion weeks. It isn’t very commercial or overly frou-frou. It just seems like the designers in London are more experimental. Maybe they are having more fun? I don’t know what it is, but I do find London fashion to be more fun, daring, and exciting. How do you feel about London fashion? Look at these designers and give me your take on them. Do you know of some other designers? Let me know. Photos from Style.com.


Erdem is one of my favorite international brands. Erdem Moralioglu always seems to design fantastic clothes that I think don’t get enough coverage stateside. The prints and detailing on his dresses have officially blown my mind. I would love to go to one of his shows so I can see the garments up close and personal. They always look so beautiful.
Erdem Spring 2011
Roksanda Ilincic’s collection reminded me of the 70s; which is on trend because the 70s are back. The flowing fabrics, wide leg pants, and turbans reminded me of the pictures I’ve studied from the disco era. It was a good solid collection. I would like to see more of her clothes in America as well.
Roksanda Ilincic Spring 2011
Mary Katrantzou’s collection was full of graphic prints and shapes. I wonder why designers in America don’t experiment more with these kinds of prints. Her clothes always remind me of what it must be like in a graphic designers head. Her garments feature a trompe l’oeil efffect. See if you can spot the interiors on the clothes.
Mary Katranzou Spring 2011

More of London Fashion Week

Fashion Week is still going strong in London. Milan Fashion Week will start in a few days. Until then, let me tell you about a few shows that I think really caught my eye. The Eley Kishimoto show seemed really interesting. A lot of the clothes were brightly colored and had lots of patterns. It was a very fun looking collection. Clements Ribeiro’s collection looked to be more toned down than the Kishimoto show at first glance. Then you notice the embellished fabrics, paisley prints, marbleized blouses, and decorated boots. I really loved the sweaters that were far from plain. Roksanda Ilincic’s collection was really beautiful. It was full of wool, fur, satin, and draping. I love all of those things, but it takes skill to be able to pull it together. The clothes in this collection reminded me of the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. At first I thought I would not like the Erdem collection, because everyone was raving about it on Twitter, but I was surprised. It was really good. The colors were swirled around into this pattern that reminded me of a butterfly or some tropical fish. There were also long and short dresses. That shows a good bit of variety. Photos are from London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is halfway through. As usual London Fashion Week is the smallest of all the major fashion weeks, but creates some of the most creative looks. Bodyamr presented some amazing Grecian inspired clothes with wonderful draping. Hakaan showed excellent, architectural, and very short dresses that are great for the girl who wants to show her legs no matter how cold it is. The thing that pissed me off was Mark Fast. I am glad that Mark Fast uses plus size models in his shows, but just like last season, he decided to put them in completely unflattering clothes. I mean his clothes don’t look all that great on the regular models either, but I thought he would have learned his lesson from last season. Put the models in clothes that fit. Don’t just stuff them into clothes that purposely make them look fat to draw attention to that fact that you use plus size models. Photos from London Fashion Week.

London Spring Fashion Week Post 3

Josh Goot’s collection of prints served as an optical illusion to my eyes. I don’t know much about this designer, but there was something about his clothes that made me say wow. I would totally have to wear the dresses, jackets, or pants separately. They look good on the runway together but out in the open is another story.

I didn’t see any gorillas at Christopher Kane, but I did see crisp suits, gingham plaids, and exposed thighs and bras. All the dresses seemed to have two side splits. Some dresses had portions of gingham and solid fabric, while other dresses had layers of multi-colored gingham. The color schemes was faded pastels, browns, and blacks. Then towards the end of the show he introduced a floral embroidery pattern.

I watched the live stream of the Burberry fashion show, and I was AMAZED. Everyone on the live chat and twitter were just going nuts the whole entire show. The platform shoes were crazy gorgeous and crazy high. All of the dresses,pants, and tops had some form of draping or ruching. The classic trench coats were too perfect. Christopher Bailey created the perfect collection with the perfect pastel spring collection. I can already see this collection being photograph and styled for editorials already.

Photos from Vogue UK.

London Spring Fashion Week Post 2

So far I have spotted bigger models, more ethnic models, older models, and Supermodels during London Fashion Week. Who knew there would be so much scandal during LFW?

Antonia Berardi’s new collection was full of ebellishments, lines,structure, shapes, neutrals, and color. It was a crazy good collection of pants, jackets, lace, bustiers, and bodcon mini dresses.

Matthew Williamson was a light and airy collection of muted colors. There were chains and tiny mirrors in different shapes. The shoes were beautiful. High heels are still in. I also think it is safe to say that little jackets and skirts or minidresses go well together.

Photos from Vogue UK.

London Spring Fashion Week Post 1

London has always been one of the more experimental fashion weeks. I know some of the lines showing during LFW, but I am unfamiliar with quite a few lines. I am going to use this opportunity to branch out and review well known and lesser know brands. I have also been surprised by the number of ethnic models on the runways in London. I think it is an amazing start an hopefully others will get the memo.
I don’t know much about Gavin Douglas except that he is an exceptional designer who used mostly Black models for this show. The overall collection was great and very colorful with some accordion style dresses. I lloked at his other collections and I loved that it. I will be looking at him in the future.

Sass & Bide are back after a short hiatus with a beautiful collection of featuring the colors black, white, and gold. Some of the dresses looked billowy and Grecian as golden embellishments adorned the chest. The other element of the collection was completely structural and architectural. I always like their collections and am very happy to see them back.
PPQ was amazing. It was full of bright colors and ruffles. At first I wasn’t too sure about the collection, but once I looked at the slide show I was surprised at their use of patterns and color. The collection was full of things that I can totally see Topshop copying in a few months.

Ashish took us on a journey to Spikey Sequins land because they whole collection was full of tropical prints, maps, sequins, and spikes. This was another collection I wasn’t so sure about. I loved last season’s collection, but when I started looking through the slide show, my mind said, “EEEK!” Then the sequins shirts with the slogans on them caught my eye, as well as the sweatshirt with the built in fanny pack.

Photos from Vogue UK.