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Sooo Not Impressed

I love Elle. I love Gabby Sidibe. What I don’t like is how they played her on the 25th anniversary cover of Elle. They way they chopped her off and gave her that jinky weave/wig/whatever that is on her head just pisses me off. It is an honor to have someone like her, i.e. plus sized and black on any fashion magazine, but they did her all kinds of wrong.
Gabourey Sidibe Elle Cover
Clutch Magazine says this is why we need more black fashion directors, and I agree. If we had more black people in the fashion industry in general, we would have someone who would know how to do her hair. Black people have a different texture had that with the proper knowledge isn’t that hard to take care of.

The fashion industry is seemingly damned if they do, or damned if they don’t. We don’t want to come off ungrateful; we’d be the very ones complaining or dishing critical commentary on why no Black actresses are making glossy covers. We just ask one simple thing: always have an expert, weave/wig/Black hair specializing stylist on the set. Black women’s hair is sort of a serious matter.

All in all, I am happy for Gabby’s cover. I just wish it was executed better. Photos from Clutch.