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Shop Mango Summer 2011 Essentials

Mango Summer 2011 Essentials


I love Mango and their summer 2011 essentials. I think it is an awesome store. Well if you are someone like me, who doesn’t live near a Mango store, your love for Mango can be a problem. Unlike Zara and H&M, who are both slow to the whole online shopping thing, Mango has had an online store for years. I don’t have to travel to some mall or city hours away to get my Mango fix, and you don’t have to either. Aren’t we lucky?

When I look at these summer 2011 essentials, I am seriously digging both the oxford flats and heels, and the brown handbag near them. For some reason, I have been incorporating brown in a few of my outfits lately. Those accessories would help me out this summer. What are your favorite items?