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Trend Report: Maxi-Skirt


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The hemline might be demure, but the maxi skirt we’re seeing this fall is anything but.  This skirt is less flower-child and more Morticia Adams, making it all together more elegant, edgy and devastatingly sexy.

Most girls make the mistake of thinking that anything with more fabric is instantly more figure flattering. While the longer skirt can be a god-send to girls who aren’t too crazy about their legs, you still have to be conscious of the fit in order to avoid looking like a brick instead of a bombshell.

Fit and Flare

Same rule as the wide-leg trousers applies to the maxi-skirt: there is nothing less-flattering than fabric just hanging from the hips.

Find a skirt that sits at your natural waist and ends about an inch or less from the ground, as it will visually lengthen your leg line. Make sure it hugs the waist, hips and butt, then flares out from the bottom.

This is the most flattering cut because it showcases all those things that makes us women (flaunt it if you got it girl!) and the flare at the bottom balances out the top  half.

Keep it Slinky

Find a fabric that flows with your shape, a heavy jersey or thin tropical wool works well.

As much as I loathe synthetic fabrics, this is one case where a touch of spandex or viscose for stretch and drape is also a plus.

Break the Rules

Your grandma will certainly tell you that long skirts are only for evening and the lower the skirt the lower the heel.

But as it’s 2010 you can toss those old rules out the window right alongside not mixing metals and matching your purse to your shoes. Wear it with an old band tee and denim jacket for day, and rock it with a pair of stilettos a la Alexander Wang for Friday night.

The only rule that you need to live by? Define at least one body part, whether you belt in a tiny waist, show off an enviable decolletage and shoulders, or bare your beautiful arms, when dealing with this much fabric and volume it’s important to still show off that body you’ve got under there!




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