Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Begins NOW

Today was the first day of New York Fashion Week! I just started looking at collections, because I didn’t have service at the IFB Conference. From what I have seen so far, short sets, wide pants, basics, and graphic prints are very popular. I was really impressed with Lyn Devon’s collection. I think it was…… Continue reading Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Begins NOW

Fashion Week Starts Today

Hey Everyone! Fashion Week starts today, and I will be going to the IFB Conference to learn how to make my blog better from the inside out! Last night I went to a tweet-up with fellow bloggers, stylists, designers, and other industry people. I can’t wait to show you the clothes this designer I met…… Continue reading Fashion Week Starts Today

Innnn New Yaaaarrrwwwkkkk!!!

Picture I took in 2007. I’m sooo excited! If you have been reading my blog for the past year and some change, you would know that I love NYC, and I plan on moving there. I also told you guys that one of my goals is to go to New York Fashion Week! Well… Tomorrow…… Continue reading Innnn New Yaaaarrrwwwkkkk!!!