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The Year Is Almost Over But Not Quite

jai marshall

Photo From Lord Maxwell

As you know I have deemed 2010 as the year of trying new things, and I am really proud of myself. I have gone to Charleston and New York Fashion Week, interviewed designers, called Dov Charney out of the blue, and a ton of other things (all of which you can see here). The year is not over yet. There are still new things to try and see and do.

If you have been following my blog since last year, then you know the blog has been through major changes. I have introduced a new look and feel to the site, and come up with more original posts. TFAS now has an accompanying Tumblr devoted to my fashion musings. I have also started doing three specific posts each week (ASK TFAS, Shoe of the Week, and the reader favorite Bad Bish). If there is something you want to see on the blog, let me know. I am always open to suggestions. If you have a question that you want up for consideration for the ASK TFAS post or just a general question, email me at thefatandskinnyblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

I’m sure you have noticed the guest beauty posts by Quinn from VivalaQbee03. If there is something you want Quinn to talk about, go to her blog and let her know. She is also doing beauty features on different bloggers. Go participate. I did. I also have interns now. Their names are Ariel, Angelena, Sofie, and Erin. Sabrina is no longer with us. We miss you. Click on the links to check out their blogs. They are phenomenal, and you can tell when they wrote a post because it will be tagged with their name and blog at the bottom.

My blog posts are syndicated on Lovelyish now. You can also find me at HelloCotton.  It is so funny to me that I get more readers from the syndicated sites than from the blog itself, but I’m not complaining. My blog’s reader count fluctuates, and even though it isn’t at my goal number yet, I am just pleased as punch that people actually take the time out of their day to read my blog.

Thank you so much.

I probably wouldn’t know what to do without you guys and gals. Because I took the time to start this blog, I have visited so many different places, and my little introverted self has met so many different people I never would have dreamed of meeting. I have even met people that have encouraged me to put my photography,writing, and styling work into an online portfolio. It is a work in progress, but I am proud of it and myself. This blog,as you know, is my thesis project for graduate school. Everything seems to be going on track. If all goes well, which it will because I am speaking it into existence, I will graduate with an MFA in Fashion Journalism from AAU, and I promise you I will keep this blog going.

How I Learned To Love My Arms

I used to HATE my arms. I am still not satisfied with them. They are fat, lumpy, and have stretch marks on them. I have gotten over that, but I have never showed my arms off because when I used to not care what I wore, people would come up to me and ask me about my stretch marks. Some people would even grab my arms, touch me without asking, and inspect them like they were some kind of crime scene. I hated it. So I just began to hate my arms and covered them up. I figured if I covered them up, people would leave me, and them, alone.


Fast Forward to now. I am sick of having to wear 3/4 length sleeves in the summer time. I am sick of having to cover up in the abysmally hot Southern summer because of ignorant ass people. I’M OVER IT!!! I went to Rainbow the other day and bought three rompers/jumpers or whatever your want to call them. I bought black, navy, and floral rompers, and your know what… I look great. Well at least my parents, best friend/sister Khali, and I think so!

They are made from nice cooling fabrics, and let my arms hang OWT in the breeze. The shorts aren’t too short either. I think I am going to buy more sleeveless items like this from now on. Screw you if you don’t like my arms, and don’t go touching them either or you ass is grass! You know what they say, “two tears in a bucket fuck it!”

Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X!

I Think It Is Pretty Safe To Say That Is Totally Me!

Don’t forget to shop The Fat and Skinny Shop for sizes 8-20, L-3X!

I am an Aquarius. Aquarians are what some would call bizarre and ever-changing that is me. SO WHAT! Well I found this quote on Literate & Stylish Tumblr the other day when I was taking a break from doing my final projects. It is from John Lennon, a Libra. Libras and Aquarians tend to go well together. I guess that is why his quote describes both of us. If I got a tattoo this is what is would say, but since I change my mind too much to get something permanent like that.

OH! I just wanted you all to know that I have a Tumblr now. I had one before, deleted it, and now I think I am going to keep this one up now. Here it is.