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Out with the New, In with the Old

Living in New York City you have to a have an appreciation for vintage. Although I’m a trendy shopper every now and then I enjoy frequent trips with my girlfriends to consignment shops all around the city. Recently, I caught this really cute vintage 1982 Christian Dior cropped checked blazer on one of my vintage hunts and believe it or not the label wasn’t what caught my attention about the jacket. It was the enormous and extra sleek shoulder pads that caught my eye.


I’ve been eyeing a blazer with shoulder pads for a minute now, and since the Balmain military style jackets worn my Beyonce and the legendary/greatly missed Michael Jackson are beyond my budget. I searched all around for a cute and reasonably priced one of a kind blazer.


What I really love about the shoulder padded look is the effect it does to the most simplest outfits. An ordinary outfit such as a v-neck and jeans could become a sleek and stylish ensemble when paired with the right accessory; and the super 1980s shoulder pads is that accessory. Don’t agree with me take a look at Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé and you’ll change your mind. Photos from People Style Watch and Karmaloop.

This Is It…..

I have no idea when I am going to see this but it comes out today.

UPDATE: I totally saw this movie today after my eye appointment and I LOVED IT!!! It was so good. MJ’s clothes barely fit him so I was a little scared, but he was singing live and dancing with the backup dancers just like he was 10 years ago. He even showed everybody a few things. It was amazing. the last number really pulled at my heart. He also wore a lot of Balmain, and I want his high water gold sequin pants.

Three things I learned from the movie:
  1. Ed Hardy will always look bad no matter who wears it.
  2. Kenny or Kerry Ortega, whoever the director was, wears pearl bracelets and questionable shoes.
  3. Pole Dancing Specialist=Stripper