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I Am Disappointed Yet Again

I am so disappointed with Target’s Pure Energy line. It was supposed to be a plus size contemporary line, but there is nothing contemporary about it. Everything looks like old hippie wear. I love hippies, but Mama Cass wouldn’t even wear this stuff.

The dresses, the tops, just about everything is horrendous, and the line doesn’t even fit the models well. How are you going to sell something when the models look bad? The patterns and prints are terrible. They aren’t even flattering. Some of the tank tops make you look preggers.

I used to want to major in medieval art and history, so I tend to love all things medieval. Unfortunately for me, when I look at some of the clothes Target made for this collection, I suddenly get the urge to sing “Are you going to Scarborough Fair?”

I am so sad because I only like two pieces from the collection. I guess that means I can save my money for something better. I wish I had the money to come up with my own plus size store because I promise it would be way better than this.