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Menswear Spring 2012 Show Multitude of Themes

Every season there seems to be more and more shows, with more and more trends, touted by more and more designers. Even menswear is feeling the effects of the “commercialization” or rather popularization of fashion and because of this, the sector is being hit with more pieces, trends, and collections than ever before. But as dutiful writers we sift through all of this to bring you our favorites, and so the following are a few of my favorite shows from the Menswear Spring 2012 fashion weeks.

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Local Blogger Tries To Get To New York Fashion Week Via The Unemployed Editor

One of the local bloggers from my hometown is trying to get the adventure of a lifetime aka New York Fashion Week. Mikelle Street from The Musings of a Gallivanting Boy is trying to get to New York. The Unemployed Editor is thankfully sponsoring a trip to NYFW for 10 bloggers. All you have to do is click on the ads on the side of the The Unemployed Editor’s Blog or donate some money or both, so these individuals can get the experience of a lifetime.

Here is the information from The Unemployed Editor NYFW Internship Placement Program:

The New York Fashion Week Internship Placement Project (February 9-17, 2011) is an effort to inspire, educate, and help groom students and emerging talent for success in the fashion and beauty industries. Recognizing the increased difficulty with the state of the economy to break into these already notoriously selective industries, [Editor] embarked on this effort last fall to place deserving students and industry newbies with seasoned and respected industry professionals and experts in their fields of interest for the equivalent of fashion bootcamp. Those selected will have an eye-opening and preparatory experience working with these insiders in NYC during the “Superbowl” of fashion and will also be privileged to intimate group dinners with other industry influencers, providing the opportunity to gain more insight through honest and candid discussions.

Advertising on www.theunemployededitor.com, group fundraising, and events in Atlanta and New York will cover the cost in full for this project, meaning those selected will have an expense free week. Additionally, surplus funds will be used to offer summer internship stipends for successful members of this first cohort.

The total cost of the effort includes transportation to and from NYC, hotel housing, transportation in and around New York City, meals, and a small per diem for incidentals. Donations can be made via 1) PayPal (donation button at the top right), 2) directly to the group’s PayPal account ([email protected]), or 3) directly to the PayPal account of a student or artist (email address associated with the account provided by them). All funds will be used for the benefit of the cohort and the student or artist who raises the most individually will be rewarded with a few special perks.

Any questions or other offers of help can be directed to [email protected]

Thank You Carolina Bloggers!

I would like to thank Teowanna, Kaela, and Mikelle from Carolina Blogging for throwing an amazing get together! They brought together some of South Carolina’s most popular bloggers for a luncheon at the Blue Marlins’ Vista Room. Thanks Brian Dukes for the lovely food. Heather Solos from Home-EC 101 and Kiesha Easley from We Blog Better spoke to us abut blogging. I can’t wait for Heather Solos book to come out. I think I want to turn my blog into a book one day, and I have already started implementing some of Kiesha’s blogging tips. I can’t wait for the results. Fire Fly Vodka, Cheetah’s Gourmet Chocolates, and SC Exotic Creations provided us with delightful goodies.  My friend Najee’s outfit was a convo starter. He even got featured on fellow luncheon guest Lord Maxwell’s blog. It was great!

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Guest Post: Mikelle Street

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A male blogger’s perspective on Men Fashion Week.

My name is Mikelle Street, and I’m a “fashionisto.” I guess you could call it that. I blog, I style, I consult… I do alot, but today I’m here to talk about the menswear collections. You may be saying, the couture collections have shown, pre-fall collections will soon be out and fall campaigns are already hitting the stands, let’s go go go, but sometimes you just have to sit down and synthesize what fashion is bringing to us.

For a few collections now unless you had the emorexic or entirely ripped body, your body type was not in for menswear. I, sadly, don’t fit into any of those categories. At a size 30 in the waist, I’m not big in the least, but as a former dancer/soccer player, my legs do not resemble twigs. So, when the fad of skinny jeans hit, I sighed. And when shorts started to hit around mid thigh, I shook my head. Although since that time I have just learned to come to terms with my body, I find that the collections shown for menswear in 2011 have come to terms with it as well.

The first name that I wish to bring to your attention is Raf Simons. Raf is known for creating silhouettes for men when no one else really pays attention to them. This season he brings the elephant trunk leg to the forefront. With each leg hidden, one can rarely tell whether my legs resemble twigs or… elephant trunks. It gives a very professional yet fashion forward look to the male, while covering any insecurities. Of course the pants could just as well be worn by women. 🙂

Songzio is also a line that carried with it pieces that covered some parts and flaunted others. For example, some bottoms were very baggy around the thighs, but clung like tights at the calf. With calfs of a sprinter, I love these pieces. They show off what I’m confident about while hiding what I’m not so comfortable with. With a boxer like influence, many of their pieces may be baggy in places like the arms, while showing off the chest (this may not be as acceptable for women lol).

Whereas a lot collections did show; those lines when they emerge may be out of our price ranges. They will undoubtedly filter down to us. These are just a few things that I will definitely keep in mind while searching for pieces to add to my wardrobe. A good investment piece is one that I can use to flatter what I like, while hide what I do not.

Photos are from The Fashionisto and Style.com