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Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week was very short. It really isn’t as long as the other fashion weeks. I mean it really doesn’t even last a week. Anyway. I really was not as impressed with the clothes this season. I usually love Milan Fashion Week. Just like Paris, the clothes are usually very sophisticated. I was a little disappointed with what I saw. To me most of the fashion from Milan either looked bland or played out. I couldn’t even get into my favorites like Fendi and Albino. Je suis tres triste. Photos from Style.com.

I did like Gucci, Dsquared, and Prada. Gucci was very sexy and 70s Italian chic. I thought Anja and Freja did a good job of portraying the looks. The lace was hot. The models flowing hair was hot. The coats were gorgeous and I loved the pantsuits. The collection actually make me wants to wear pantsuits again.

Dsquared was so beautiful. I love the use of the colors black and red to make a very sophisticated, sexy collection. I know the PETA people are going to be after me, but I loved the fur coat that Chanel Iman wore. Gorgeous!

Prada had an old school Mad Men look to it. Everything was very 60s looking. The cast of Mad Men could even wear some of these clothes next season. I don’t know if they are but it would be to their advantage. I also have to applaud Miuccia for calling some curvy Victoria’s Secret models in at that last minute because the other models were too small. If you are looking for the best coats and sweaters next fall, go to your local Prada store.

The pictures did not move with my blog when I moved to different blog sites.

Milan Spring Fashion Week Post 2

I have never heard of designer Albino D’Amato or his collection Albino before,but I figured I would give it a look. The collection was inspired by a safari and “Out of Africa.” The jackets and skirts were oversized, and the prints were orange and red. I like this collection a lot, but I think it would have been better off being presented for Fall 2010 instead of Spring 2010. It was just too autumnal for me.

Miuccia was obviously inspired by Lady Gaga. The pantsless look was featured in another runway show. There were patterns, shorts, and short jackets. Grey was a big color in this collection, but there were also splashes of blue, yellow, and white. It was an overall great collection. Would I wear it? No, but I can see people who love the Prada look totally buying it.

Blumarine was a beautiful collection that I could see lots of girls wearing on the beach. The long dresses, jackets, and shorts are just right for the Tropics. The Jamaican color scheme made me look forward to summer. There were tie-die in bright and cream colors, camo, and drapery. Anna Molinari designed a young and sexy collection.

Roberto Rimondi and Tommaso Aquilano designed a beautiful collection for Gianfranco Ferré that was light and airy. The colors ranged from white to nude to black. Everything was sheer with rough edges. Some tops had exposed bras. They also did this neat thing with the dress fabric where they pleated it and then folded and shaped it into what looked like elaborate flowers. Simply gorg!

Photos by Style.com.