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The Best Dressed At The Met Gala 2013

met gala 2013 best dressed

met gala 2013 best dressed

Last night’s Met Gala 2013 theme was basically punk rock, and most of the best dressed at the Met Gala took the theme to another level. While most fashionistas were not interested in the theme, I think the punk theme was a great opportunity for the various attendees and designers to show off their creative side. Not every Met Gala attendee always follows the theme, and some end up looking great even though they didn’t follow the theme, but I think it helps to at least try.

While I think there were a lot of best dressed picks to choose from these women really stood out to me. I love the Stella McCartney jumpsuit that Kristen Stewart wore. Miley Cyrus looked the most punked out in her glittery mesh Marc Jacob dress and spiked hair. Rooney Mara was divine in Givenchy and Donatella Versace just looked amazing. Also who is her plastic surgeon? I think she got a new one because she has been looking a lot better lately.

Madonna and Beyonce were the queens of the night in Givenchy. Madonna looked like a punk pin-up and Beyonce looked very Baroque inspired with her corset and making skirt and boot. Coco Rocha gave a very punk turn in an animal printed and feathered Ungaro gown and Jennifer Lopez let her curves do the talking in a Michael Kors dress. Photo from Fashionista.

Bad Bish – Miley Cyrus Transforms Her Style For V Magazine

miley cyrus for v magazine

miley cyrus for v magazine

Miley Cyrus’ transformation from teeny bopper Disney star to adult woman is complete as she poses for an editorial and sits down for an interview with V Magazine. I’ve been a fan of Miley for a number of years now. I don’t know if this new look and new attitude is contrived like every other celebrity in Hollywood’s look is contrived, but I like it. I think she has had one of the most seamless transitions from child star to adult we have seen in the last few years. The rest of the editorial and snippets of the interview are worth taking a look at. Check them out here on Fashionista’s website.

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The Worst Golden Globe Fashions

I sometimes wonder if celebrities have true friends because true friends don’t let true friends dress or do their hair in the dark.

Drew Barrymore’s dress by Galliano was so cute but her hair was a windblown mess.

Hayden Panittiere’s purple Ferre dress was too tight.

Miley’s dress was too old for her and showed too much teeny bopper boob. She is not Selma Hayek.

The mass of fabric of on Eva Mendes’ Dior gown was a bit too much. I think Kate Beckinsale did it better.

January Jones’ blue dress was the perfect color, but the fins threw me off.

Is is me or maybe its not me, maybe I am not the only person who notices how crazy Renee Zellweger’s eyes look? Anywho, I really like her dress,but then I noticed her cutouts on her shoulders and that was it. It looked like her baby cousin got a hold of some scissors. A damn shame.

Photos from about.com