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Taking Time For Myself

I’ve just got out for the semester and I can’t believe these past few months have gone by so fast. I passed my dreaded Mid-Point Review, started another semester of graduate school at Academy of Art University, went to fashion week, and moved my blog to WordPress (which I never thought would get done). I’ve done so much that this semester was actually pretty action packed. I thought it would be lighter because the classes weren’t so heavy, but I was wrong.

I’m now trying to do more for myself. Doing for yourself is a great way to keep your body healthy and your immune system strong. I took up knitting again. It really is fulfilling to make something and have people compliment you on your item. I love to see their faces when I tell them I made something. Knitting is also soothing. I can just sit there, while watching tv, and knit all afternoon.

Over the weekend I went to a spa and got a much needed facial. My face needs more than just some regular TLC, so it was great to get my face cleaned and steamed. I loved that. Everything was calm and serene in the spa. They played that soft new age spa music that was so soothing, I almost fell asleep in the waiting area. The robe they gave me to wear was so pillow soft, so that could have been the reason why I almost fell asleep too.

Today I am going to treat myself to a movie. Some people don’t like doing things alone, and I admit, it can be a little intimidating to do things on your own. It really isn’t so bad once you try it. I am going to go see Black Swan. I hope that if I go early enough, there won’t be too many people in the theater to ruin the experience. I think some movies should be watched alone and others should be watched with a group. What are you doing to take time for yourself?

Photos from Flickr,We Heart It, and myself.

This Is It…..

I have no idea when I am going to see this but it comes out today.

UPDATE: I totally saw this movie today after my eye appointment and I LOVED IT!!! It was so good. MJ’s clothes barely fit him so I was a little scared, but he was singing live and dancing with the backup dancers just like he was 10 years ago. He even showed everybody a few things. It was amazing. the last number really pulled at my heart. He also wore a lot of Balmain, and I want his high water gold sequin pants.

Three things I learned from the movie:
  1. Ed Hardy will always look bad no matter who wears it.
  2. Kenny or Kerry Ortega, whoever the director was, wears pearl bracelets and questionable shoes.
  3. Pole Dancing Specialist=Stripper

One Of My All Time Favorite Fashion Icons

I know this sounds cliche, but its true. Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorite fashion icons. She is number one on the list of all of my fashion icons. I love her! The women had a pet deer that she took to the supermarket whenever she went shopping. Really its true. I love the clothes she wore from Givenchy. She looks perfect in every movie. The fur sweater she wore in Charade was so chic. Actually the whole movie was chic. Just look at her Louis Vuitton luggage. That movie and Funny Face were perfection. I think part of the reason I wear a lot of black skinny pants with black shirts and flats was because of Funny Face. She was so graceful and composed. I think she might have gained all of that composure from her ballerina days. My parents and grandma used to laugh at me because I wanted to take Granny’s clawfoot tub and turn it into a sofa for my room just like the one Audrey had in her living room in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I am still determined to do that whenever I get the money and my own place. Maybe I’m obsessed, but she has really influenced my life in a big and mighty way.

Photos are from Bill Willoughby.