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From the late 90s to the early 00s I lived for Daria Morgendorffer. She was me in cartoon form. My cousin and I were discussing, a few nights ago, how we loved this show and thought it was totally genius because it was our life.  We were the misunderstood nerds that people just didn’t get. It was annoying then and it is still, unfortunately, just as annoying now. I was so sad when she went off the air. I had the books, posters, everything. I was obsessed. I waited for MTV to put out the complete DVD set but I had to wait almost 10 years. Now I have the box set after pre-ordering it on Amazon.  I have been watching everything for the past week since I finished exams and final projects, and I’ve been in Daria heaven. MTV has totally dropped the ball on its programing. I guess I am a sucker for the good old days, when MTV had shows that empowered young people instead of showing slutty rich teens.
I decided to go on Looklet and redo some of the characters from Daria for 2010 instead of 1997. This is just my interpretation of what happened to them after high school.
Daria is still Daria. She hasn’t changed, and neither has Quinn. She prefers jeans and light blouses to her old butterfly tees. Jodie is a high powered lawyer, and Jane is a more mature Art World Freak. Brittany is still a cheerleader, but she cheers for an arena football team now. Sandi works for Waif fashion magazine. Stacy became obsessed with vintage and shops on Etsy all day. Tiffany walks her dog,but can’t remember where her house is, and Lawndale’s resident Goth, Andrea, cut all her hair off and dyed it blond.