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Why I’m Outraged At The Outrage Over Alicia Keys’ Bare Face

alicia keys

alicia keys

Last night during the MTV VMAs,  I kept seeing tweets about Alicia Keys’ bare face. People were really upset that she has still chosen to not wear makeup. People kept saying things like she looks like a corpse or she looks tired. Others kept wondering why she wouldn’t even at least attempt to wear chap stick or lip gloss. Then there were those who swore she had airbrushed her face. The whole thing was a little weird to me. People, mostly women, were acting like she looked distorted like the picture above.  When she first went makeup free, I didn’t see it as a big deal because I knew she had used Proactive for years and had the money to get the best skin doctors and derms in the world. My mind quickly changed when I realized women were generally freaked out by the fact that a celebrity can go makeup free for more than five minutes.

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Selena Gomez Wears The Blonds At The MTV EMAs

Bad BishSelena Gomez in The Blonds

Selena Gomez looked red hot in this red jumpsuit by The Blonds at the MTV EMAs over the weekend. The Blonds also designed pieces for her tour and recent music video for the song”Love You Like A Love Song. I decided to make this a little Bad Bish post since the Bad Bish series has been MIA while I continue to finish writing my thesis for graduate school. I am almost done. Wish me luck.

Bad Bish

New Shoes Up At TFAS Shop!

Photo From Young, Fat, and Fabulous

My fellow fatshion blogger friend Gabifresh of Young, Fat, and Fabulous fame is vying to win the MTV TJ competition. If she wins, she will be able to live in New York, get $100,000, and become a MTV Twitter Jockey. I hope she wins because she is amazing, super talented, she deserves this ,and I will be able to live vicariously through her since she will be living my NYC dream.

All you need to do is follow her on Twitter and go vote here.
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From the late 90s to the early 00s I lived for Daria Morgendorffer. She was me in cartoon form. My cousin and I were discussing, a few nights ago, how we loved this show and thought it was totally genius because it was our life.  We were the misunderstood nerds that people just didn’t get. It was annoying then and it is still, unfortunately, just as annoying now. I was so sad when she went off the air. I had the books, posters, everything. I was obsessed. I waited for MTV to put out the complete DVD set but I had to wait almost 10 years. Now I have the box set after pre-ordering it on Amazon.  I have been watching everything for the past week since I finished exams and final projects, and I’ve been in Daria heaven. MTV has totally dropped the ball on its programing. I guess I am a sucker for the good old days, when MTV had shows that empowered young people instead of showing slutty rich teens.
I decided to go on Looklet and redo some of the characters from Daria for 2010 instead of 1997. This is just my interpretation of what happened to them after high school.
Daria is still Daria. She hasn’t changed, and neither has Quinn. She prefers jeans and light blouses to her old butterfly tees. Jodie is a high powered lawyer, and Jane is a more mature Art World Freak. Brittany is still a cheerleader, but she cheers for an arena football team now. Sandi works for Waif fashion magazine. Stacy became obsessed with vintage and shops on Etsy all day. Tiffany walks her dog,but can’t remember where her house is, and Lawndale’s resident Goth, Andrea, cut all her hair off and dyed it blond.

I’m Back

Hey everyone! I had a great trip to New York City. A post about my travels is coming soon. The only thing I regret is the fact that it rained up there, so I couldn’t use my good camera to take good pics. I do have some slightly fuzzy cell phone pics though. Mom and I had a blast! I can’t wait to go back again.

Back to buisness. School starts next week. I hope you all enjoyed the scheduled post I put up in advance.

Would you dare to wear an Alexander Wang sweater with a tank top from Target? Keri Hilson did and she’s dishing about her style on MTV’s web series “What Were U Thinking? “ This week, Keri gives us the inside scoop on her past and present fashion choices. The stylish up and coming hip-hop/pop artist can be seen in music videos by Usher and Nelly, and just dropped her new album In A Perfect World. From Stella McCartney boots to Vintage comic book-inspired dresses, Keri knows how to rock out with a bang. That’s because she’s a big fan of bangs! Whether they’re side swept or baby doll style, she always finds the right bangs to match her outfit. To watch this episode and learn more about memorable celebrity fashion choices, visit the “What Were U Thinking?” site here.

Want to get even more insider info on celeb fashion? In the next few weeks, Kim Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari will stop by to talk about their personal style and review some of their most memorable outfits. I’ll be in touch as new “What Were U Thinking” episodes launch. Photos from MTV.

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MTV and Cotton Team Up

Here’s Kelly wearing Balmain. Photo courtesy of Enter:New Media.

I just got an email from Enter:New Media. Apparently MTV and Cotton have teamed up to do a series of webisodes featuring celebrities and fashion. The celebrities will talk about their fashion faux pas. Tell me what you think about this. I actually liked the first video, and Kelly Osbourne’s advice about being yourself was pretty good. Do you like the changes to the blog? Tell me in the comments section. I kind of like how I have changed it finally.

From the email:

Ever wonder what celebrities are thinking when they get dressed up for red carpet events? MTV and Cotton have just launched a web series called “What Were U Thinking?” that features an inside look at celeb style. Each episode features a different celebrity who is interviewed about her past and present fashion choices. After checking out each outfit, we ask (not in a snarky way), “What were you thinking?” Celebs respond to questions about what went into each of the five fashion choices. “Why did you pick that outfit, that hairdo, that makeup, that purse, those shoes?” Along the way, viewers will get tips on fashion and learn about each celeb’s personal sense of style.

The first webisode features Kelly Osbourne- controversial fashion icon Kelly Osbourne, star of the hit MTV reality show “The Osbournes” and author of the upcoming book “Fierce,” an advice memoir for girls under 21. She admits, “I was one of those girls who just got it wrong a lot.” From the looks of Kelly now, she’s finally got it right, so we invited her to take the hot seat in the first episode.

MTV Shows

MTV Brings Back House of Style

The new House of Style was made strictly for teenagers, with its talk of friendship bracelets and sponsorship from Teen Vogue. Here are a few things that I noticed about the show:

  • Charlotte Ronson didn’t smile once, but she did manage to to say one word, “Yeah”
  • MTV used every chance they could get to put Bar Rafaeli in a bikini.
  • Since we are on the topic of Bar, let’s talk about how she is a good host, but tries to be like Heidi Klum a little too much.
  • I am glad Chanel Iman is getting face time, but I feel like they could have showed her more.
  • Jessica Stam’s segment was great. She would have made a better host.
  • Erin Fetherston is cool, but her voice was annoying. I like how spaced out and whimsical she is. The party she organized was beautiful and I need to find a way to make her party masks.
  • I also loved the My House of Style segments. They took regular people and they discussed their style like a streetwear blog post.

Photos from MTV.