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Ignoring the Skeptics

Bob van Aubel


Bob van Aubel

So now that I am on this new life journey I have started encountering the skeptics. Now I am also ignoring those skeptics, but it is so hard to do when you are constantly hearing doubt in people’s voice and seeing doubt in their faces. Then they want to question your life. Hey look! I don’t have it all figured out. Clearly I don’t, but I’m trying to make moves and make it right.

The skeptics also get on my nerves because they have a way of trying to show their skepticism in subtle ways that are actually not so subtle. URGHGHGH!!! I hate that! It is so hard to ignore that skeptics, but that is really what I am trying to do. I just keep telling myself my new mantra, “It is my time, and I am ready for the next step!” It keeps me from feeling doubt and helps me to move on with my day. It is really hard, but I seem to be doing a better job than I thought I would. What are you ding to ignore the skeptics?

Photo by Bob van Aubel at Unsplash.com

Are You Ready For The Next Step

Nicholas Swanson

Nicholas Swanson

Like I said last week, I am not going to New York Fashion Week. This will be the second season in a row that I am skipping NYFW, but I hope to bring you great coverage anyway. This is the first week of September, and since Labor Day was last weekend I am preparing for fall coverage. I have already started putting more fall coverage here and there on the blog, but if there is something you want to see..let me know in the comments below.

I feel weird not going to fashion week, but I am ready for the next step. I feel like something is missing or empty, but I know that I am making the right choice. I am trying to change certain things in my life and be a better me one step at a time. I found that these weekly ramblings I’ve been doing on the blog are good for the soul.  I started listening to this webinar about manifesting money in my life and the mantra that Denise Duffield-Thomas says is amazing. Breathe in and say this out loud, “It’s my time, and I’m ready for the next step!” The webinar was free, but the life lessons I learned from it were priceless. 

I told one of my friends that mantra yesterday. She too is going through some life changes, and she loved the mantra! I think she will be using it in her day to day life from now on too. Life is kind of like a road that leads to the unknown. We all need to figure out how to be ready for the next step. Are you making changes in your life? If so, what are they?

Photo from Nicholas Swanson and Unsplash.com. Don’t forget to enter in the $75 Anthropologie Gift Card Contest! Time is running out!