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Toys R On My Wrist


I think you guys are starting to get me or least understand my likes and dislikes. Reader Mandy sent me this information on Toywatch. I have been in LOVE with Toywatch every since I saw them in a Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog a few years back. I have been looking for a good watch for about 3 good years now. I had finally decided on buying a Toywatch, but I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. They are so beautiful and come in all of these neat and funky colors. They are reasonable price for a good quality watch.

Apparently I am not the only one loving these watches. Oprah made them one of her infamous favorite things, and Michelle Obama wears one too. Call me crazy, but Michelle Obama is family in my head, and I love the fact that she wears a brand that I am crazy about. 😉

SOOOO now I really am in a bind because they have these neat Jelly Watches where you can customize them by popping and snapping different color pieces on them. They totally made the decision process extra crazy for me. I like the black and pink and the blue and white and the all white and the all black. How is a girl as particular as me supposed to pick one when you have too many choices to chose from?