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Bad Bish- Gwen Stefani Created a Nail Collection With OPI

Gwen Stefani for OPI

Gwen Stefani for OPI

Rock star and super mom-who may or may not be pregnant with her third child-Gwen Stefani created a nail polish collection with OPI. The collection was inspired by the recent punk themed Met Gala and will be out in January. I can’t wait to get my hands on some these nail polishes. I love these colors and really, really can’t wait for the gold and black satin colors. I think they are kind of matte-like or semi-matte. I’m pretty excited for those polishes, but I suppose I am also excited to see the colors that were covered up on the photo.  They have a few creme gloss polishes, and supposedly some chrome one too! What are you looking forward to seeing in this collection? Photos from here.

Beauty Bit-E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube

E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube


Even though I talked about the Ciate Caviar Nail Gift Set last week in my beauty themed holiday gift guide, I think the E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube is much cheaper and more affordable for most. Just like the other nail polish set, the E.L.F. Essential Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube has all of the trendiest colors. I actually like E.L.F. nail polish. I have used them in the past, so I think I might buy this set. Pic from E.L.F.

Beauty Bit-Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

Beauty Bit

I really love this watermelon nail art tutorial from Pretty Polishes. Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer in the US, this nail art tutorial is perfect! I know it looks super complicated, but she goes through each step with simple, uncomplicated instructions. She also shows you how to get the straight lines and tips in this tutorial using tape! Enjoy! Don’t forget to enter the Leading Lady Bra Contest!

New Nail Trend: OPI’s Shatter Polish

I first stumbled upon this trend on Tumblr and wondered what kind of new nail art trend is this? I was so confused as to how you could achieve that shattered look, so I started Googling shatter polish. And voila! OPI has done it again.

OPI's Shatter Polish

Simply choose your favorite nail polish and apply normally. After letting that layer dry, apply OPI’s shatter polish (seven different colors to choose from) and let that layer dry. You will see the polish shatter slowly. Let it dry again. If you wish to have a smooth coat, apply a top coat after it dries.

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Gray Nails

Lately, we’ve seen them everywhere. On models on the runway, on magazine covers and inside them. The gray nail polish.

It’s one of those colors that look great on every skin color, and one of fall’s biggest trends when it comes to nails.

A perfect example of this is of course Lady Gaga’s cover on Vanity Fair. Her shade is so light gray it’s almost see-through.

If you’d want to try making your own nails gray for a change (and this time, it’s a good thing), try OPI’s Give Me the Moon. I think OPI’s nail polish is the absolute best, and worth every penny.

-Sofie at Ok,Bowtie