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Beauty Bit- Design Essentials Natural Line

Design Essentials Natural

Hey everybody! I tried these products from the Design Essentials Natural line that I received in a gift bag at Fro Fashion Week, and while I think they work great for some, they didn’t work that well for me. That is why you have to try hair products to see what works. Just because this line works well with most of the people you know, doesn’t mean it will work well for you. It was horrible on my hair, and was quite disappointed because I had heard such wonderful things about these products. Don’t let this review scare you though. Your results might be very different from my own. I think I will eventually try it again in the future.

You can find the Design Essentials Natural line at Walgreens, Walmart, Sally’s, beauty supply stores, and other drug/beauty stores.
You can also find it here:http://www.designessentials.com/natural