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Everyday I’m Shuffling… Hannah MacGibbon Out At Chloe

Hannah MacGibbon out at Chloe

Well it looks like fashion is reshuffling itself again. Hannah MacGibbon is out at Chloe and Clare Waight Keller from Pringle is in. I like the work Keller did at Pringle, but I love MacGibbon at Chloe more. I wonder how this is going to turn out. I also wonder if MacGibbon knew she was next on the fashion chopping block. I wonder where she will go next. How do you feel about this change?

Alexa Chung and PBS???

alexa chung

Photo from here.

Yes it is totally true! Alexa Chung is going to have a show on PBS with Style.com’s special projects editor, Maya Singer. By the time her MTV show finally grew on, it was canceled. I actually think her PBS show will do well though. Why? While I realize that PBS has a different audience, I think that station’s audience will appreciate the nature of her show “Thrift America”.

Chung and Singer are going to go around the country thrift shopping and looking for unique vintage pieces. If the other women who frequent that channel won’t watch, no worries. I’m sure the hipsters that follow Alexa Chung’s every move will watch a style show on PBS for the kitsch factor alone.

This is what the New York Times has to say about the new show:

Think of it as “Antiques Roadshow” meets the foodie romp “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.” Ms. Singer said viewers hoping to replicate Ms. Chung’s high-low style will see firsthand, “What does Alexa Chung pull out of the crap bin at the yard sale?”

Finally Macy’s Gets Some Fast Fashion

Finally Macy’s is taking a stab at fast fashion. It has worked for Target, H & M, and countless other brands in the past decade. I think it is about time, and I can’t wait. Just like Target, Macy’s will have a series of designer lines. When one designer is done, the new one will begin selling their wares. Kinder Aggugini, big in London but not here…yet, will be the first designer. I can’t wait to see what he will bring to Macy’s. This is all very exciting!
Kinder Aggugini
From The New York Times:

The collection for Macy’s, which will be sold at about 250 locations, will cost $50 to $300 and is targeted toward younger customers who shop in its Impulse departments. “This customer loves to shop,” said Jeff Gennette, the chief merchandising officer of Macy’s. “She wants to be in our store all the time, and we’d better be interesting.”