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#RealFashionForRealPeople with eShakti

FTC: eShakti gave me this skirt for free to review.


Where Have I Been and What I’m Wearing
Hey Everybody! It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post, but I have been traveling and I was battling a bad cold. I really didn’t feel like writing blog posts while I was hacking up my lungs. Anyway. eShakti sent me this super cute lobster applique skirt back in February. I couldn’t take pictures of it because I was sick, but I tried it on and it fit.

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Night Two of Columbia Style Week

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Last night was my first night at this year’s Columbia Style Week, but it was night two of the week’s worth of events. The fashion panel and celebrity fashion show was packed to the brim! I got to see my friends and fellow stylists Josh Ratliff and Brian Maynor speak on the fashion panel. Speaking of the fashion panel. I recommend going to next year’s fashion panel if you would like some advice on how to get into the fashion industry. All of the panelist gave amazing advice that anyone could use in any industry, if you were able to hear it over the screaming from the random drunk girl in the front.

Columbia Style Week

Then I saw my friend and fellow blogger Teowonna Clifton from That Teowonna, She rocked it out in a cute toffee sequin dress that showed off her toned legs and decolletage. The beautiful dress also had a scarf to match. I would have had footage for you guys, but I was sitting upstairs and the angle would have made you throw up. That’s not fashionable at all.

Notes to make next year’s event better. You know I gotta put my two cents in. Please put on your event information( date, time, place) on the website. Several people, myself included, went to the Sheraton Hotel because we thought that was where the event was being held. Next time drop the twitter feed backdrop. It was distracting. Also use the two host you had for the fashion show as moderators. One could stand on each side of the panel and hand off a mic.

Also use two mics for a panel of that size or cut down the panel size to 3 or 4 people. Last but not least, have the event at a restaurant or event space with a great AC unit. I have been to Social Bar several times. The air only blows out for at least 2 inches from the vents and ducts. That means that the cool air never even has a chance to make it across the room. People were hot and sweaty. This is South Carolina. We are experiencing a deep, dirty South summer. We need air.

But all in all the event was packed, informative, and people seemed to be having a blast! I can’t wait for tonight’s event.

How I Learned To Love My Arms

I used to HATE my arms. I am still not satisfied with them. They are fat, lumpy, and have stretch marks on them. I have gotten over that, but I have never showed my arms off because when I used to not care what I wore, people would come up to me and ask me about my stretch marks. Some people would even grab my arms, touch me without asking, and inspect them like they were some kind of crime scene. I hated it. So I just began to hate my arms and covered them up. I figured if I covered them up, people would leave me, and them, alone.


Fast Forward to now. I am sick of having to wear 3/4 length sleeves in the summer time. I am sick of having to cover up in the abysmally hot Southern summer because of ignorant ass people. I’M OVER IT!!! I went to Rainbow the other day and bought three rompers/jumpers or whatever your want to call them. I bought black, navy, and floral rompers, and your know what… I look great. Well at least my parents, best friend/sister Khali, and I think so!

They are made from nice cooling fabrics, and let my arms hang OWT in the breeze. The shorts aren’t too short either. I think I am going to buy more sleeveless items like this from now on. Screw you if you don’t like my arms, and don’t go touching them either or you ass is grass! You know what they say, “two tears in a bucket fuck it!”

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