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#PrayforSouthCarolina and More Ways To Help


This is my hometown. This is my state. This is Columbia, SC.

Hello everyone. I have struggled to write blog posts this week because writing about fashion just seems so frivolous to me at the moment. I am hoping that while you read this your family and friends are safe and sound. Unfortunately for me that is not the case. The floods from the recent hurricane have turned my state, and especially my hometown, into a disaster zone. While most of my family is safe and accounted for, my friends have not been so lucky. Several of my friends are looking for a family member that may have been washed away. It has been days since they heard from him. Several of my friends have either had to evacuate or have lost everything. One friend had to grab her children and run when the water started coming into the first floor of her home at 1 in the morning.
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