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Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2011 Has Amazing Dresses

Michael Kors’ Pre-Fall 2011 dresses are amazing. The collection was fantastic. I loved the colors, the cuts, everything, but these last three dresses really stood out. Pre-Fall is sold in the summer, so these dresses are perfect for that season. They have this Grecian look to them that looks very fashion forward to me even though they have been done over and over again.  How do you feel about these dresses? I couldn’t pick a favorite. Photos from Fashionologie.

UPDATE: I wrote this post yesterday, and scheduled it for later. Today I have seen some amazing Pre-Fall collection over the internet, so I am going to make a best of post between now and the weekend.

Micheal Kors Pre-Fall 2011Maichael Kors Pre-Fall 2011Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2011