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Rachel Roy Launches Her New Plus Size Line RACHEL Rachel Roy Curvy

RACHEL Rachel Roy Curvy

RACHEL Rachel Roy Curvy

Rachel Roy launched her new plus size line, RACHEL Rachel Roy Curvy, at Macy’s and I lost it. While this line doesn’t feature each and every piece from her straight size collection, it does feature a good bit of them. We have been asking major fashion designers for years to make a line for us that has the same if not similar items as the main line, and she did it.
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Pre-Fall Collections Part 2

I know pre-fall collections get in stores early, but these designers made half summer/half fall weather clothing. They are bright, short,cropped, and tight. Even the coats are minimal. In spite of all that, these three collections are my favorites so far. Photos from Style.com.

Her collection was dazzling. I really loved how Herrera created structured pieces and then blended them with insane color and patterns. Big sleeves and draping were big themes in her collection. She also used color blocking and lush silks which made the clothes look rich. As usual, her evening dresses were phenomenal. She never has a bad collection.

Rachel Roy’s collection started off with floral pastel prints and moved into solid neutrals and cool colors. It seemed like this collection was a mix between the feminine and masculine sides of a women. The pants were either tight like leggings or loose and cropped. The dresses were tight and body conscious, but not too tight that they looked sleazy. This was also another collection that featured draping, but it also featured a mix of textures from soft to rough. The collection looks interesting.

Versace was bright, sharp, and very Italian. The platforms and hemlines were high, but the clothes were even tighter. I liked the detailing on the clothes. There were a lot of panels of fabric going up and down and around the clothes. This collection featured patterns too. I think this whole pattern thing that has been going on for at least two seasons now and is going to stay for at least one more season. So stock up.

New York Fashion Week Has Begun!

I am so excited. I can’t wait to see what everyone has produced this season.

The people at fashionista.com seem to think that Rachel Roy looks like YSL from Spr 08, but I liked it. I looked like some of my mom’s old pictures from the 70s and 80s. She used to have the bowl cut. So chic.

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Can I say that I loved Jillian Lewis on Project Runway, but I didn’t like her fall collection at all. It was a bit too much for me. She said it was inspired by graffiti.

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pics from fashionista.com