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Words of Wisdom- Be Happy and Be Free of the BS

Be Happy

Be Happy

Life is so stressful, so I am always trying to be happy and be free of the BS. Some people wonder why I am so quick to let some people or things go, but I found out early on in life that letting go of the BS is the first step to being happy. I am serious. This week I want you to physically, emotionally, whateverly let go of the tiniest piece of BS in your life and see what happens.

It could be a bad habit, an old and ratty comforter, it could a class at school that you are not prepared for- withdraw from that class early and get yourself together-, or it could be any person, place, or thing. Whatever it is…start small and let it go -Frozen Style. I promise you will soon be free and happy.

The more you let go of the BS, the more you will be happy, and the more you will be happy, the more letting go of the BS will become second nature for you. You won’t tolerate the foolishness and negativity that bad people and things bring into your life. Yes. Some people will not understand why you stopped hanging around them. They will be hurt and confused, but the happiness you now feel will be so freeing. Let it go. Photo from here.