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Rolando Santana SS 13

Rolando Santana showed his beautiful SS 13 collection in Chelsea tonight. His fashion show is always a hot ticket. Many people still showed up even though it was the same time as the Marc Jacobs show. Santana seemed to be inspired by the sea because the garments ranged in color from white to seafoam green to cerulean blue, to navy blue. The fabric rippled and floated like the waves on the ocean being lulled about by the moon.

Each item was beyond perfect. The way each dress, jacket, or skirt fit the model was amazing. The evening dresses looked like something you would see in Miami with their asymmetrical hemlines. For ladies who lunch, there was a cute dress that was white, with speckled blue dots along each side. It went perfectly with the strappy heels each model was wearing. The intricate feathering of the fabric on this one light blue jacket was to die for. My favorite part was the finale. Each model came out in the same dress, but each dress went from white to black with subtle sea blues in between for a cool ombre effect.

Rolando Santana FW12


Rolando Santana always has a huge turnout to his shows because he knows how to create exciting collections that are super hot and super sexy. This collection was smoking in my opinion. The disco hair and soundtrack fit in perfectly with the 70s influenced collection. The sequins and wide leg pants, slinky dresses and fur were just divine in my eyes. I simply can’t get enough of this designer.

Rolando Santana SS12 Fashion Show

On Fashions Night Out, I went to the Kenton Magazine party at Rolando Santana’s studio in the Garment District. While there I got to meet and chat up the designer. Rolando was very nice and humble, but I can also say that he is very talented too. As I looked around the studio, I saw many garments that caught my eye, including a few dresses.

Fast forward towards the end of fashion week, and I received an invite to his show via a friend who couldn’t make it. I was so happy fate brought me to the show. Exit Studios was packed to the brim. I mean it was really crowded with people. I had to wait in a line that was wrapped around the building just to get in.
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