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Friends…How Many of Us Have Them?

I was speaking to my sorority sister Quinn of VivalaQBee03 about how most of our friends have moved away after college, and how we can’t wait to move to the bright lights of the Big Apple. The conversation came about when we were trying to plan a little get together and came to the conclusion that this town is lacking and slacking in the best friend department.

It is okay though. We know that our friends are off doing great things. It just gets lonely sometimes. My best friend Karma is in Chicago braving the cold for a PH.D. I am so proud of her because she is studying the things that she has always been interested in. My other friend Ruhamah, who is a mutual friend of Quinn’s, is an hour away in Charlotte. Now we really can’t complain about this one because she is closer than most and there are tons of great shopping and eats in the Queen City, but we still wish she were closer.

As a matter of fact, this brings me to my next point. I am going to visit Ruhamah this weekend. We are going shopping, and I already know we are going to eat at our beloved Cheesecake Factory. I can’t to see her because I am bringing a present for her new big girl apartment. Ruhamah was just down here a few months ago getting her car fixed, and when she left, I had to get used to her being gone all over again. Even though this trip is going to be brief, I will take a day’s worth of time over not seeing her at all any day. Have you spoken to  your friend today, and no I’m not talking about on Facebook? Call up a friend or go for a visit.

Oh and this picture with the monkey and the bird was just too weird not to post! All photos from We Heart It.

Two Nights Ago A DJ Saved My Life

So if you didn’t know already, I graduate from college in May, but I am done with my classes. That is why I started grad school early. I have goals, dreams, and aspirations, so I don’t mess around. Anywho! My senior class won Follies Friday night. That is the skit competition that all the classes get to compete in. We always win the flag football game, Ludy Bowl, but we have never won Follies until Friday night. We were so happy.

That night my friends who promised to go out with me to MY party if I went to the Pretty/Nasty party with bailed out. They are whack anyway. All I have to say is if they invite me somewhere, I am going to tell them I’m busy. It is OK though because, as usual, Ruhamah went with me. We also got her roommate Chaquita to go with us.

My friend Chaz’s other musical endeavor, Toro y Moi, performed and it was hot. Then they had some DJs rocking out the hottest dance tunes, so my friends and I could dance the night away. I mean you know it had to be good if little old me, who doesn’t like to dance, danced the night away. HAH HAH! The DJs saved my life. LOL

Then we have an impromptu photo shoot outside New Brookland Tavern, and went to Waffle House. Our waitress was so slack. She didn’t know that the WH secruity guard worked there. She messed up everyone’s orders by not giving us our food or putting Ruhamah’s toast on my plate. She was slack, but it was a fun night.