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Luxury Lust-Fuzzi Plus Size Coat at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Salon Z

fuzzi leopard plus size coat at salon z

fuzzi leopard plus size coat at salon z

This Fuzzi Plus Size Leopard Jacket at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Salon Z is to die for. It is gorgeous and sexy and comes in plus sizes. The problem is the price. Coming in at $1595 and on sale for $1116.50, I can’t afford it. A girl can dream right…

P.S. There is a cute plus size leopard coat on sale at Old Navy for $45. Get it now before it goes back up to $89. Photo from Saks Fifth Avenue.

TFAS Presents- Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Beauty Gift Sets
Holiday Beauty Gift Sets
1. Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eye Palette- $47.50 2.Benefit Cosmetics Sexy Little Stowaways-$34.00 3. Tarte Eye-Catchers 6-Piece Smouldereyes & Skinny Smouldereyes Collector’s Set-$39.00 4.Ciaté Caviar Mini Mani Month-$58.00

It is that time of the year where we go gift giving crazy. I thought I would do something a little different and bring you are few of my favorite gift ideas. These beauty products make great gifts for your favorite beauty lover or for yourself. I will never tell if you buy one or all of those beauty gift sets for yourself because I definitely have my eye on two of them. Photos from Saks, Sephora, Ulta, and PublicDomainPictures.net. P.S. Ulta is having a great sale on any Ulta store brand items.It could be makeup or bath. I spoke about my buy 2 get 2 free steals in this video over the weekend.

Luxury Lust- Aidan Mattox Plus Size Sequin Dress

Aidan Mattox plus size sequin dress

Aidan Mattox Sequin Dress

This plus size sequin dress from Aidan Mattox is the perfect holiday party dress. It comes in the color charcoal, and is sold in the Salon Z section of Saks Fifth Avenue. For $365, I am going to have to pass, but a girl can dream… Photo from Saks. P.S. this dress is going fast, but there is a similar/cheaper version at Forever 21 +.


Great News Coming For Plus Size Fatshionistas!

New Shoes Up At TFAS Shop!

From RackedNY: 
Saks Fifth Avenue is about to become the only major retailer in the city to carry plus-sized womenswear by names like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. Coming very soon to the department store’s super high-end third floor, fall and winter plus-sized pieces will be mixed right in with existing stock—most of which would formerly have only been available in sizes ranging to a 10. Stock will reach size 14 across the board, and in some cases—depending on the brand—will go up to a size 20
From Worn Through

Honestly I think this is a great idea. Finally people are waking up and seeing that plus size women want nice clothes too. They are going to have extended sizes from brands like from Akris, Armani, Carolina Herrera, Escada, Donna Karan, St. John, Oscar de la Renta, Max Mara, Valentino and Michael Kors, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli. If all goes well in the New York store, then they will roll this out to other stores across the country. Hopefully other high-end stores will take note.

Low End/High End

Check out these low end/high end alternatives from the Torrid website. I found them while trying to surf their rush hour $19.99 bootie sale last week. I also had a recent convo on twitter with Garner Style about knockoffs. I sit on the fence when it comes to knockoffs. I also truly believe in the trickle down/ trickle up theory of fashion. That means that fashion either comes from the Haute Couture and moves down into the masses or moves from the street upward.I also realize that people want to look good and have the latest threads but may not be able to afford or fit in them, so they get the knockoff version.

The thing I don’t like is a blatant copy. Change the buckle, make it in a different color, respect the designer’s hard work, and don’t make these goods in sweatshops where the money goes to drugs or terrorism. I once read a report where the boss of a factory broke the legs of the children who worked there and then tied their legs together so they couldn’t move. Why would you want to support something like this? So think twice before you buy a fake bag out of Auntie Kiki’s car at the gas station.

That being said, I believe that these Dollhouse shoes are apart of the trickle down theory. I hope so, because they are really cute and I want a pair.

Photos from Barneys, Torrid, and Saks .

This Here Economy Sucks

While I was eating lunch today, I took a gander at CNN. They unfortunately reported that Macy’s, the “Great American Department Store”, is closing 11 stores. Be on the lookout for sales at the closing stores and on the website.

Update: I just went on the Saks website today and found this little tidbit of info for you. 80 FREAKIN’ % OFF !!!!!!!! They are either going to close stores soon, go bankrupt and lose it all, or think about a new business strategy because, while this is good for the consumer, its not good for them. I have always wanted to work here. Maybe I should seek employment elsewhere.