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Shoe Week Comes To An End

Today is the last day of Shoe Week. I hope you enjoyed it. I am trying to think of new things to do on this blog. I want to be more creative. For the last day, I wanted to bring you some pics of my recent shoe purchases, and as usual, The Fat and Skinny Deals and Steals.

My early Christmas present from my mom-Christian Louboutins

The Aldo Snakeskin shoes I got on sale

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Monday 11/16-Tuesday 11/17 – Multi-Designer Sale (featuring Nanette Lepore, Robert Rodriguez and more), Pears + Bears & Tat2 Designs
Wednesday 11/18-Thursday 11/19 – Erica Anenberg & Stitch’s Denim
Friday 11/20-Saturday 11/21 – Jami Rodriguez Jewelry, Pangea Organics & Voom by Joy Han

All of our sales begin at 8am PST/11am EST and end at 11:59pm PST/2:59am EST.

Low End/High End

Check out these low end/high end alternatives from the Torrid website. I found them while trying to surf their rush hour $19.99 bootie sale last week. I also had a recent convo on twitter with Garner Style about knockoffs. I sit on the fence when it comes to knockoffs. I also truly believe in the trickle down/ trickle up theory of fashion. That means that fashion either comes from the Haute Couture and moves down into the masses or moves from the street upward.I also realize that people want to look good and have the latest threads but may not be able to afford or fit in them, so they get the knockoff version.

The thing I don’t like is a blatant copy. Change the buckle, make it in a different color, respect the designer’s hard work, and don’t make these goods in sweatshops where the money goes to drugs or terrorism. I once read a report where the boss of a factory broke the legs of the children who worked there and then tied their legs together so they couldn’t move. Why would you want to support something like this? So think twice before you buy a fake bag out of Auntie Kiki’s car at the gas station.

That being said, I believe that these Dollhouse shoes are apart of the trickle down theory. I hope so, because they are really cute and I want a pair.

Photos from Barneys, Torrid, and Saks .

Jane Aldridge Does It Again

Well the Texas teen/ shoe blogger has done it again. Jane Aldridge has hatched up another set of shoes for hipster brand Urban Outfitters. The shoes are smart, cute, and just what you would expect from the style savvy teen. Peep toe booties and shoes with vintage touches are the themes of this collection. Jane is really making a name for herself at such a young age. Check out her blog here and her Urban Outfitters line here.


If you read my blog, you know that I love shoes. That is why I have deemed this week SHOE WEEK! YAY! For my first shoe week post, I am going to show you some lower priced alternatives for the budget conscious shopper. All of the shoes are coming from Fly Jane. They didn’t ask for a review, but I thought I would do one since I like the shoes on this site. I hope you like it!

  • Liliana HIP Ankle Platform Boots

This boot only costs $64.90. A great price right? The Liliana boot is trendy and hot. You might want to rock some skinny jeans, a tee by Alexander Wang, and a sequin jacket with these boots. You are sure to look real tough in these.

  • Miss Me JOCELYN Platform Heel

The Jocelyn is only $49.90 and comes in pink, red, gray, black, and purple. Each shoe has a different color sole. I love this shoe because you can wear the black and gray shoes to work and church, and the other colors for a night out on the town. The bow on top of the peep toe is so cute.

  • Michael Antonio STRATFORD Dress Sandals

I love these shoes because they only costs $49.90, and I can see myself wearing these with some great boot cut jeans. I love how the straps wrap around the shoe, and how they have this great animal skin/marbleized kind of look.
This shoe can jazz up any outfit.