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StyleSays Revolutionizes Fashion Blogging



Fashion website StyleSayshas just launched a feature for style bloggers that not only helps them post their blog posts to multiple social media sites at once, but also lets them make money from the service as well. The feature was released Monday and lets you publish your blog posts to Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Lookbook, and Chicisimo. The new affiliate program lets bloggers share items, and when someone purchases that item, the blogger makes some money. StyleSays is really trying to revolutionize fashion blogging.

Online Shopping Hub Obvilux Launches Today!

Obvilux, which is short for obvious luxuries, is a new online shopping/social media site launching today that aims to connect shoppers and brands.  All you have to do is share with your friends, via Obvilux, all the cool things you found while online shopping. I am extremely interested in this site because it helps you track your shopping behavior so you and your friends can see your personal trends. My favorite thing about Obvilux is that you can become a store ambassador one you submit a certain amount of items from a store. Join Obvilux today. Thoughts?

According to Obvilux:

Our goal is to connect brands with the shoppers who love them most and help
them receive free merchandise and promotional goods. The main people we
are trying to help are just like your readers. They follow your stories
and advice because you have great taste, which is much better for them
than trying to find great clothing and products on their own.