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Currently Craving: Sporty Spice

Sporty Fashion
Sporty Spice
Graphic and article written & illustrated by Denesha (Intern)

This week’s currently craving item, really isn’t an item, it’s a trend; sporty spice. No, not sporty spice from the Spice Girls. The fashion trend that hit the runway during fashion week. In his [second] show for Balenciaga, Alexander Wang showed us just how to wear this fashion trend. The model in this image is wearing a structured crop top with a tennis skort. However, there are many ways to sport this trend! The thing that makes this trend unique is the fact that there are several different trends within it. For instance, you have:

  • Sporty Mesh
  • Bomber Jacket
  • Embellished bomber
  • Track Pants

Sporty Meshalexander-wang:
To achieve the sporty mesh look, you can layer a camisoles or a bandeau underneath the netted fabric. You can also pair this look with leather shorts or a pair of track pants.



prabal-bomber jacketBomber Jacket:
The bomber jacket is perfect for cool nights in the spring, this lightweight, sporty jacket can be paired with a pair of cigarette length pants, better known as slim length, a pair of basketball shorts, not the baggy pair of shorts, the old school Magic Johnson/Larry Bird shorts.



Embellished bomber jacket:
If you’d like to take your bomber jacket to the next level, embellish it!





Track PantsTrack Pants:
Have you ever worn track pants with a pair of heels? Don’t think it could be done? Think again! When it comes to the sporty spice trend, almost everything is acceptable! You can pair a pair of track pants with a crop top, and a pair of heels and be on your way!

What are your thoughts on this trend?

The images in this post were found via the Google search engine, Vogue, and Balenciaga.


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