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Kaelen SS12 Presentation

When I received the Kaelen invite, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Walking into the studio space gave me quite the surprise. Kaelen Farncombe designed a beautiful collection full of light, airy looks. The colors Farncombe chose are perfect for spring. You can’t go wrong with cream, seaform, tan, mint, and grey. They look good on all skin tones.
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Honor SS12 Fashion Show

The Honor show by Giovanna Randall was perfect, so perfect that the audience kept clapping for her and her clothes as the models billowed down the runway. The light as a feather dresses seemed to fly away when the runway fans hit them. If you are inspired by 60s movies like “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”, you will probably like this collection because the clothes had a 60s schoolgirl look to them. The dresses came either long or short and featured light, airy, and sheer fabrics with intricate cutouts in the front and back.

There were also great suiting items with shorts, button downs, and blazers with the lapels turned in and the collars pulled up. Oxfords in a multitude of colors (think grey, pink, brown, and yellow) went with both the dresses and the pants. The item I want most from this collection is the gold collar that fits around the neck and was worn with almost every piece. I can’t wait to see what Randall does next season.