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Trend Report: White Tights


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The last time you wore tights was probably on the playground in kindergarten, but why not switch out your black tights for a pair of winter whites?*

Rock the White

Still scratching your head about how to wear this trend?

Firstly, start off with a thick, opaque pair of tights. Sheer reads nurse-on-duty (um… ew), but a flat opaque white is oh so mod and a chunky cable-knit is very apres ski chic. I’ve also seen white fishnets done as a very edgy rock-and-roll look, je pense que c’est tres magnifique.

Secondly, unless the majority of your outfit is black, avoid wearing black footwear with white tights. The high-contrast shortens the leg line and makes even the leggiest girls look stumpy. Instead, try white, camel, or any other color in the rainbow.

So why not try…

White with all tan, beige, gray, cream and cognac, or even all white, if you’re less klutzy than me!

A classic look with white blocked by black.


look2 by erind90 featuring a slip on dress

For a cute, retro 60s/70s look, vintage styling with white tights is a perfect match.

look 3

look 3 by erind90 featuring wedge boots

Or jump on the latest fashion bandwagon and create a minimalist, sculptural look, my personal favorite.


Erin at Pixel Perfect

*For those of you who still follow the “no white after labor day” rule, I hereby give you permission to toss that old rule out the window, right along with “no mixing metals” and “match your purse to your shoes”.

Printed Tights For Fall

I can’t wear my printed tights, here in South Carolina, because fall came for a week, and then left us with some 80 degree weather. Just as soon as I put out my sweaters, I had to put them back. For those of you who are actually experiencing fall-like weather, you all can wear printed tights.

Printed tights are great because they make you wardrobe fun, make old outfits look new, and keep your legs warm. I put a few options down below so you can get an idea on style, price, and see stores that carry printed tights.

Hate It or Love it

Hey everyone! I received two pairs of stockings in the mail from We Love Colors! If you don’t know, We Love Colors is an awesome company that sells dancewear, gloves, socks, and shoe laces for men, women, and children, but what they are really know for is their crazy colored hosiery. They sell colored tights, opaque tights, footless tights, men’s tights, women’s tights, children’s tights, patterned tights. All kinds of tights.

we love colors opaque

One of the reasons I like We Love Colors is because they sell plus size hosiery. It is so hard for me to find stockings that fit right and feel soft. I hate when I buy stockings and they fall down, rip, or scratch the heck out of my legs. These stockings fit me so try to size and were so so so soft. The colors they gave me were Amethyst (their new color) and Maroon, and I can totally see myself wearing them in the fall. I am going to get some opaque tights from them for church and work.
Thanks so much We Love Colors! Also make sure you follow them on Twitter @welovecolors for sales and special promotions.