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Beauty Bit- How to Style 3 Day Old Natural Hair From on the Q Train

on the q train

As you all know, I am going natural and the struggle to find styles for my competing textures can be trying on my patience, especially after 3 days.. Fortunately I found this great natural hair tutorial from On The Q Train, which shows you how to style your natural hair after 3 days. Why 3 days? Well… after you have washed/conditioned hair and styled it in twists or puffs, it takes about 3 days for your hair to start reverting back to its unstyled state. Most people don’t have the time to redo their do, so they need a hairstyle that will help them stretch their natural hair style for a week. This cute style from On The Q Train is something I could see myself doing. Now all I need to do is find one of the headwraps and I will be set.