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Beauty Bit-BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette Review

BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette

Hello everyone! I wanted to review the BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil palette for some time now. I was finally able to order it a few weeks ago when BH Cosmetics was having a little sale. This eyeshadow palette is pretty cheap because it only costs $9.95 regularly. You get 30 eyeshadows for $9.95. Not bad.

I love the colors and think they look great on me. I am wearing them in the video. If I were you, I would use some kind of light eyeshadow base/primer or the white eyeshadow that comes with the palette underneath the regular shadow. I didn’t do that, and I think the shadows would have been even brighter with a lighter base. Get the eyeshadow at BH Cosmetics.

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