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Stop Stealing My Look!!!

I was asked to read an article about trendsetter Tarik Malak for class.  He is a pretty cool person. I find him to be extremely creative and intelligent. If you don’t know, he started the fashion photo retouching company La Boutique, and then started Swell a few years later. Swell is company set on helping fashion and luxury brands navigate the digital seas.

After the reading the interview, I was pretty convinced that Malak was a very in the know person, so I was really happy that  he gave us a peek at some of his favorite websites. One of the websites he mentioned was Stop Stealing My Look. I had never heard of this blog before, so I gave it a look.

Stop Stealing My Look is an amazing blog! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this website. The pictures are great, especially the editorial and ad campaigns. SSML’s accessories posts are giving me so much life and inspiration. I see new shoes, bags, and jewelry I like, and you all know I am not a jewelry person.

They also host really chic events full of very fashionable people. I get outfit ideas just from looking at the party pics. The blog is full of style, so it is no wonder that the two creators of the blog wrote this quote about themselves in their About page, “We, however, are simply the hunters, hunters of all things style, not fashion. That is, because fashion goes out of style, but style never goes out of fashion.”