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Luxury Lust- Ted Baker Nexaa Full Skirted Coat

Luxury Lust
Ted Baker Nexaa Full Skirted Coat
Now that it is almost August, I am in the mood for fall clothing. It is still hot, but I love shopping for the fall. Pre-Fall clothes are already popping up in stores, so why can’t I look? The Nexaa Full Skirted Coat by Ted Baker is really cute, and is something that has been on trend for a few seasons now. I love how it gives women shape and looks sharp at the same time. This particular coat is $356 at House of Fraser.

I Was Supposed To Be Doing Homework….

But I was bored, so I made this outfit from ASOS. It seems like I am back on my ASOS trip. I love this store. I can’t wait until I get my graduation money. LOL. Oh and grad school is still kicking my butt this week, but I love it. Is that strange? Off to lunch with the girls.

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