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Fall 2011 Hair: All About Sleekness, Texture and Elegance

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair all the time. This Fall, it’s all about sleek, textured and elegant hairstyles that make the most out of your hair. Remember that your hair needs extra care during the winter as it experiences more temperature changes which could suck the life out of your hair or frizz it up.

Short Edgy Hair/Bob

Women with short hair usually have a strong face that can carry it. Bring out your face by matching your hair to your mood. If you feel like you want to go full on androgynous, keep your hair slicked back. If you want to look more soft or natural, let your hair’s natural texture out with little or no control. Style inspirations are Dianna Agron and Emma Watson.

Emma Watson's Very Soft Features Contrast Her Edgy Hairstyle

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