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Bad Bish- Double Feature

This picture comes from The Sartorialist. I love it because it the outfit and the woman are hot, sexy without trying, and uber cool. The whole look from her hair to the jacket, flip of the jean skirt, and tights to the shoes are just amazing. TREMAZING!

How do you guys like the new cover of OMGEE Magazine? I first met Tita on Twitter. She told me about her magazine that she started when she was 17 years old. She is still in school while she runs this magazine! I think she is doing an awesome job. Check out her magazine! Follow her here.

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Milan Spring Fashion Week Post 1

Milan Fashion Week has begun! Yipee! Are you excited. One more week left and then Paris. I wish I could be there instead of South Carolina. ERGH!

Dolce and Gabbana knew what they were doing when they made their D&G; collection. It reminds me of an Urban Cowboy look with brown boots and jeans, prairie lace and leather. I can see a lot of women wearing this come springtime. I also loved the sunglasses. I would wear those if they would only make the cute sunglasses with prescription lenses. Le sigh… I noticed in The Sartorialist’s pictures that Italians have been doing the jean on jean thing for awhile, so maybe it will catch on elsewhere.
Giorgio Armani was full of that tailored elegance that we always expect from him. The color palette of electric blues and hot pinks reminded me of Miami Vice. I love that show. Yay reruns. The taffeta and houndstooth were driving me mad. I would take a standing room only seat just so I could see the fabric move in person. I saved over 20 pics from the show on my computer. They look that great!
Moschino Cheap and Chic was definitely really cute. I love when people combine black and pink together. I also like the prints and graphic tops. The polka-dots, bows, and daisy hats were amusing . It was a really cute collection that I could totally see Blair wearing on Gossip Girl. That “Amore” necklace and duck leotard made me smile.

Photos from Style.com.