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Chromeo Annouces New Tour and Single With Toro y Moi

Chromeo and toro y moi

Chromeo announces new tour and single with Toro y Moi. Do you know how pumped I am? I love both of these bands so much. They both have a vintage 70s/80s influenced style, and that style is delightfully played out in this song. This is going to be one of my treadmill songs. I can tell that already. I am bummed that the tour is coming close to me but will still be hours away. 🙁 Whatever. Maybe I can figure out a way to make it anyway. Photo from ONTD.

There will be sporadic posts this week since I am moving, and I am trying to get my internet connected. Pray for me y’all!

Chromeo and toro y moi

Toro y Moi’s Low Shoulder Video Premier

This is my friend Chaz aka Toro y Moi’s new video for the song “Low Shoulder.” I think it is great…naturally. Apparently it has Ben Sherman’s wife in it, so that is really neat. Prepare to be freaked out! Toro y Moi is on Carpark Records. You can pick up the album on iTunes.

For the video to Toro Y Moi’s latest single “Low Shoulder” the directors Elisha Smith-Leverock and Chris Murdoch have drawn inspiration from everything from pulp magazines and Cinderella to sploshing and mono-brows. It’s a nod to Italo-horror flics form the 70s and 80s. It features an appearance by 60s it-girl Daphne Sherman, wife of the legendary mod tailor Ben Sherman, who stars as a demented ballroom dancing reject/ waitress.

“According to Chaz the song was written for his girlfriend asking her to not fall asleep whilst driving. We based the video on the idea of this sleep-deprived girl calling at a roadside diner for a coffee. Next thing you know she’s semi-conscious and experiencing some really weird sh**”

Low Shoulder was shot in studio and on location at the Marina Cafe on Mare Street, Hackney on a very low budget with the help of a rather energetic and like-minded crew.


Director: Elisha Smith-Leverock & Chris Murdoch
DOP: Elisha Smith-Leverock
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Art Department: Jessica Bernard
Hair: Hiroshi Matsushita
Make-up: Freya Danson-Hatcher
Actors: Daphne Sherman, Isamaya fFrench, Eva Doll

SOOO About Friday Night…

I told you guys that on Friday, I went to New Brookland Tavern and heard my friend’s band Toro y Moi play. Well I also heard Ear Pwr play too. They were amazing. I am now a new fan of that group. I even held the bathroom door for the singer. Did you know she started playing a song and then left the stage to go pee? Gangster! My friend Khali and I even got to talk to her in the parking lot about how she told that guy off that was heckling her during her set. Power Bitch in the house! Loves it. I got to see some of my old friends from different aspects of my life and bring Khali to NBT for the first time. She loved it, especially when she got to dance with a younger man. Now she thinks she is a cougar and a rock star.

Two Nights Ago A DJ Saved My Life

So if you didn’t know already, I graduate from college in May, but I am done with my classes. That is why I started grad school early. I have goals, dreams, and aspirations, so I don’t mess around. Anywho! My senior class won Follies Friday night. That is the skit competition that all the classes get to compete in. We always win the flag football game, Ludy Bowl, but we have never won Follies until Friday night. We were so happy.

That night my friends who promised to go out with me to MY party if I went to the Pretty/Nasty party with bailed out. They are whack anyway. All I have to say is if they invite me somewhere, I am going to tell them I’m busy. It is OK though because, as usual, Ruhamah went with me. We also got her roommate Chaquita to go with us.

My friend Chaz’s other musical endeavor, Toro y Moi, performed and it was hot. Then they had some DJs rocking out the hottest dance tunes, so my friends and I could dance the night away. I mean you know it had to be good if little old me, who doesn’t like to dance, danced the night away. HAH HAH! The DJs saved my life. LOL

Then we have an impromptu photo shoot outside New Brookland Tavern, and went to Waffle House. Our waitress was so slack. She didn’t know that the WH secruity guard worked there. She messed up everyone’s orders by not giving us our food or putting Ruhamah’s toast on my plate. She was slack, but it was a fun night.