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Start Spreading The News…

I just finished my summer job/internship the Columbia Urban League. That leaves me with two weeks before school starts again, and now in a few days I will be in the Big Apple. YAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!! I can’t wait to eat, shop, eat, shop, and of course, walk,walk,walk. I miss the city so much, so I am beyond excited. I hope the weather is good. I heard the weather in NYC has been crazily off and on this summer. The posts that will be up will be scheduled. I am not sure if I will take my laptop yet, so I may or may not be behind on blog comments. I will still be on twitter and email unless my phone goes wonky. I can wait to post my pics and tell you all about what happened. Photo by me.

P.S. I received The Sartorialist’s book in the mail yesterday, and it is AMAZING!

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