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Bad Bish

New Shoes Up At TFAS Shop!

Photo From Young, Fat, and Fabulous

My fellow fatshion blogger friend Gabifresh of Young, Fat, and Fabulous fame is vying to win the MTV TJ competition. If she wins, she will be able to live in New York, get $100,000, and become a MTV Twitter Jockey. I hope she wins because she is amazing, super talented, she deserves this ,and I will be able to live vicariously through her since she will be living my NYC dream.

All you need to do is follow her on Twitter and go vote here.
Please help my homie out!

Guest Post:Tajmiah

Don’t forget to enter in the E.L.F. Mini Makeup Collection Contest! It ends Friday!  

I sent the word out on Twitter that I was looking for guest bloggers. The lovely Tajmiah was gracious enough to write this guest post for me. Thanks!

I love clothes. The feel, scent, vibrant colors, way things can be matched and mixed and matched again fuel my passion. I only have one issue, I am a 20. No, I’m not 20 years old. I wear a size 20. Why is that an issue? Well it would not be except that on a scale that begins with a 00 the most luxurious styles are reserved for the lower sizes. It leaves my size 20 at a disadvantage. I have come to realize that this is not an attack on my character, but a lack of passion for full-figured fashion in the fashion industry. Instead my own passion must emerge with creativity and innovation to pull my look together. I applaud Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart for their efforts to meet the full-figured woman’s need for stylish clothing, although you are bound to run into someone with the same idea, I give them an A for effort. Designers such as Monif C. and Jibri are excellent for full-figured fashion and boutiques like Curvysta, in Atlanta, are havens for full-figured women looking for fully-fabulous clothes. Do not let someone else’s lack of appreciation determine how much you appreciate yourself. Love from the inside out will show regardless of your size, and in my case it definitely shows through my clothes.

Twitter Has Now Been Deemed Popular Culture

DUH!!!! Twitter is everywhere. It has popped up in some idiotic “song” called LOL smiley face. I hate that song. Spare yourselves now and try not to look it up. Now twitter has infiltrated fashion. There a ton of fashion people on twitter, so it makes a little sense to put a piece of Twitter into a fashion spread right!?!?!? Well Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel did just that for the December 2009 issue. The editorial is genius! Who would have thought to use the Twitpic as an editorial? I love it! All photos are from Fashionologie.


OMG! Part Deux…

I love June Ambrose. I follow her on twitter everyday like a crazed stalker because she is so chic, stylish, smart, and funny. She is a celebrity stylist who writes books and styles for magazines and television. She is best known as the women who made hip hop stylish in the late 90s by working with Mary J. Blige and P. Diddy. She was the one who came up with the shiny suit in that Diddy/Mase video. Minor lapse in judgment, but we forgive her. Who doesn’t have a minor lapse in judgment from time to time?

On twitter, she is always talking about her interns, her day, or she is showing you twitpics of clothes, street fashion, events, shoes, and accessories. Now every Friday she does what she calls Twittfit. Her new Stilleto Workout video series is bound to be fun. I just watched the first video, and I am so going to do the workout when I have the time. I need to get tight and right for the summer. Follow her on twitter here.

Here is the first Stiletto Workout with June Ambrose: