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USC Fashion Week 2012 Sponsor Show

A week or so ago I went to the final event of the week for USC Fashion Week 2012- the sponsor show. The event space, 701 Whaley, was decorated beautifully with real leaves strewn about the floor, crumpled paper balls in various neutral shades, and glittering Christmas lights covered in real moss. The program was just as great. We saw the Student Designer Competition Winner- Jessica Argoe- show her collection again. Then we saw eight looks each from each sponsor. I am sooo happy I decided to attend USC Fashion Week again this year. Each year just keeps getting better and better. It is hard to believe that students from the university actually pull this show off on their own.

Here is a list of the sponsors that showed tonight:
Just The Thing
M Boutique

USC Fashion Week 2012 Student Designer Competition

Last night I went to the USC Fashion Week 2012 Student Designer Competition held by the USC Fashion Board. Each year, USC Fashion Week gets better and better. They come up with great programs and events to showcase their students and local boutiques. This year they added something different to the line up. They had their first annual student designer competition with actual fashion industry judges. Hunter Bell from clothing line Hunter Dixon, Emma Mahon (who was also tonight’s featured designer with her Emma Graham collection), and fashion stylist Josh Ratliff were the judges. All of the designers did a great job. I loved all of their enthusiasm and their joy for fashion. Jessica Argoe won tonight’s competition. Argoe will move onto Thursday’s Sponsor Show featuring local boutiques and present the rest of her collection.

James Matthew Teague
Southern Beaus
Meghan Holst
Jessica Argoe-Winner
Amber Rae Engel
Forever Dertermined

Featured Designer:
Emma Graham