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How to Set Goals | It Is Easier Than You Think



Do you know how to set goals? Some people think setting goals is super hard. I think it is actually quite easy once you actually take the time to figure out what you want to achieve.

What is the easiest way to figure out what you want to achieve… Well you have to sit down and meditate. You don’t have to do a bunch of “Ummms” and “Ahhhh” and “Namastes”. All you have to do is sit down in a quiet space and think about your life and what do you want to do. It can be as simple as figure out how or when you want to redecorate your home to how or when you want to move halfway around the world. Make sure you have no interruptions. Turn off you phone. Find a babysitter for the kids. Do what you have to do to find some peace and quiet.

Next filter through your thoughts. One of my personal goals is to send out more magazine article pitches this month. I would sit down and figure out if that is what I want to do. Then I would think about which magazines I want to write for this month. I would also think about what kind of articles I would like to write this month. During each step, I would make sure I had a pen and a notebook handy, so I could write down all of my thoughts.

The next thing I would do is figure out a timeline for making this happen. You can’t successfully complete a goal without setting a tangible goal. Apparently this has been scientifically proven and I believe it! If you don’t set a time frame for your goal, it really won’t happen.

For bigger life goals, I write out things on my vision board or add pictures and phrases. I have been talking about vision boards on this site for years. I’m still waiting on some of the things on my vision board to come true. Some things actually have come true, like graduating from grad school! Vision boards are a great way for you to visualize your dreams and help you plan for your future. I will be updating my vision board in the next few months. Try it out and see what happens.

How are you setting your goals? Have you done a vision board before?

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My Vision Board Is Making Me Very Emotional


Reworking or adding to and taking away things from your vision board can sure make you emotional. I am always talking about vision boards. Always. I love them. When I started them a few years ago, I had no idea how influential they would be on my life. I am almost on the verge of tears looking at some of the things that I have done and finished and some of the things I have yet to do and am steadily praying for to happen.  The tiny cork board is filled, basically too crowded for words, with post it notes, phrases, and pictures. Sometimes I wonder will I ever find love, will I move to NYC and be successful, will I ever fulfill my hopes, dreams, and desires? Something inside of me will always say no, but then something inside of me will always say yes. Not just because I pray for these things to happen, but because I walk by my vision board each day, and see the things that I have achieved and the things I will achieve. Photo from here.